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SMARTcare a 2020 WINNER of Top 10 Home Healthcare Software Providers!

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Empower Your Care Team, Deliver Better Care and Make Your Life Easier!

See why more home care businesses are choosing SMARTcare for services. We have an astounding customer service team with a 98.2% customer satisfaction rating! Our focus is on ensuring our clients can spend their time providing high-quality care rather than taking the time to learn how to use software. Ditch the headaches and technical difficulties and find out why SMARTcare is the trusted standard.

Intuitive | Higher Caregiver Engagement | Top Customer Service | Rapid ROI

“Using SMARTcare we grew our business from 4 clients to over 50 without adding any back-office staff. SMARTcare was key to our sucess in maintaining higher engagement with our staff, caregivers and clients allowing us to provide better care and increased customer satisfaction.”

– Mike V. Tampa, FL Home Care Agency Owner

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SMARTcare Mobile – Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

Increase the engagement of your caregivers and staff. SMARTcare is designed for those on-the-go with our mobile app. Caregivers have access to all the tools they need to deliver care. They are better connected, they collaborate and they are more satisfied with their jobs.

SMARTcare mobile gives caregivers the information they need, when they need it. Review schedules, clock in/out with GPS verification, review care plans, message, and document, all from the mobile app. Now that’s easy!

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SMART and simple home care, home health solution. Achieve greater efficiency from your care team in the field and in the back-office with simple workflows. Save time and complete tasks effortlessly.


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SMART personalized home care software. Your home care solution should be as unique as your agency. SMARTcare is flexible with a suite of tools that allow you to tailor the system to the way you run your business. SMARTcare works with you.

Fully Integrated

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Direct everything for your agency on a single platform. Caregiver and client management, scheduling, point-of-care, back-office operations, business intelligence and analytics all in one solution.




Improved Scheduling


Customer Satisfaction


Paper Reduction

SMART Mobile App

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Enhance your care team engagement with SMARTcare at their fingertips. Give your caregivers and office staff the tools and details they need anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Invoicing & Billing

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Make payments easy. SMARTcare offers integrated CC, ACH and electronic billing (837P) transactions. Manage authorizations and submit claims to third party payers.

Caregiver Retention

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Go beyond caregiver workflow with SMARTcare. Use unique tools to improve caregiver satisfaction and retention.

Thousands of satisfied home care users, 98.2% customer satisfaction!

SMART Scheduling

Save time with SMART Scheduling. Machine Learning (ML) makes scheduling a breeze with caregiver recommendations, open-shift notifications, 24-hour shift automation and system tracking of time-off requests, complex overtime rules and 1099/W2 status.

Electronic Visit Verification & Documentation (EVV & EVD)

SMART logic combining GPS, smartphones, and telephony solutions for clock-in/clock-out, location validation, supervisor reporting and mapping dashboard. State-by-state compliance with Medicaid aggregation of EVV and claims data. For more information on Electronic Visit Verification.

Mobile App

Real-time access at your fingertips to care information, enhancing the engagement of your care team. Access anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information on our Mobile App

Electronic Billing & Claims

Automated billing to create and send electronic claims for third-party payers including VA, Medicaid and private insurance. Process claims faster!


Make sure your staff is paid quickly. One-click payroll processing that integrates to your preferred vendor or you can utilize our payroll partner.

Care Management & Documentation

Empower your caregivers. Electronically streamline care plans, medical assessments, record task completion, priority change-of-care alerts, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). Record and document visits with ease.

Caregiver-to-Client Matching

Increase caregiver and client satisfaction with SMARTcare’s advanced matching system to maximize compatibility, availability, skills match, and staff utilization with advanced system intelligence.

Actionable Data & Reporting

Use decision support tools to optimize workflow and inform care teams. Real-time reports and analytics give you more than data, they give you insight.

Family & Client Engagement Portal

Communicate with your client and their family through mobile tools to keep them well informed and involved with their care. Send custom care updates and messages securely. For more information on our Family Engagement Portal.

Improved Outcomes

Home care data is collected and analyzed to identify actionable trends and provide predictive insights in order to enhance care and improve outcomes. SMARTcare continues to develop reporting and analytics to advance home providers as they work collaboratively with transition teams to reduce re-admissions.

For as long as I have been working in the home healthcare field, I have never had a business exceed expectations like SMARTcare has.” 

– Durrand A. Orlando, FL

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