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Katie Ortell

Subject Matter Expert

Katie Ortell

Katie Ortell comes to Smartcare after having sold her very successful home care agency, All About You Home Health Services. We are very excited to have her bring her perspective and expertise as a client and agency owner to the Smartcare team. 

When Katie is not working or at school, she is in the woods. That’s 100% where her heart lies. She loves camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing — basically anything that allows her to be barefoot outdoors with her golden retriever, Rey. Katie also has a huge soft spot for animals which is why she also has four cats who were all rescued from either hoarding or abusive environments.

Katie also enjoys many hobbies. Everything from herbology to cross-stitching and crocheting to rock tumbling to jewelry-making to arts and crafts. Katie thinks she might even have too many hobbies!

Fun Facts about Katie

  • She has 7 siblings, with 8 nieces and nephews and two more on the way. She has assumed the role of the “fun aunt” and it’s a family joke that if she takes any of them for the weekend, they are guaranteed to get dirty, have a blast outside, and come home exhausted!
  • She doesn’t think her dad realized she was a girl until she was about 13, so she knows how to change her own oil, a flat tire, and replace the spark plugs in her car. She also claims to play pool and baseball better than most guys. 
  • She was NOT blessed with a green thumb like her mother and sisters, and it’s well known that she can barely keep her spider plants alive despite her best efforts.