Reports & Analytics

Data can be complicated, the way you use it does not have to be.

Your SMARTcare data can be an invaluable tool in the development of marketing campaigns and content, in designing customer satisfaction into your processes, to giving your caregivers the information they need exactly when they need it and for continuous quality improvement. SMARTcare reports and analytics allow you to track your customer’s journey and answer important questions such as: How did they learn about your agency? What led to their confidence in selecting you to care for their loved one?

Beyond the “customer journey” SMARTcare analytics will help you track your agency profitability, determine the value of each client and identify opportunities to improve response time, efficiency and customer service. Leverage reports to identify outstanding receivables, task code efficiencies, client pull through and more.  Identify caregivers that need coaching, additional training or have expiring credentials. Your SMARTcare analytics are a powerful tool to help you reach your business goals and succeed in today’s home care market.