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Smartcare Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

The first and foremost responsibility of each employee around the world at Smartcare Software is to abide by the company’s policies on business and ethical conduct. Our Code sets the foundation for how we behave at Smartcare.

Our value “Do the Right Thing” is the cornerstone of our Code. We do what is right; we follow the laws, rules and company policies that apply to each Smartcare team member.

  • Integrity – Do the “Right” Thing. We act in concert with Smartcare’s ethical standards and protect Smartcare’s reputation. We build trust with our customers and coworkers treating them with honesty and integrity. We do this through our actions and behaviors.
  • Experience – Service the Customer First. We are a people-first approach to home care. The human connection is important to our belief that we can make a difference. WE believe in BETTER through continual improvement in everything we do.
  • Lead – It Begins with Self. We take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for the decision at Smartcare, our actions and outcomes and reliably always deliver on personal and company commitments.
  • Passion – Deliver Excellence Every Day. We continuously innovate and challenge ourselves to always find better ways. We explore new technologies and processes. We relentlessly innovate and improve our products, services, solutions, to transform home care. Complacency is not an option. 
  • Care – Support and respect each other. Our work impacts the healthcare of people directly. We work together for the good of our customers and furthering home care. We make a difference in the lives we touch every day through our products, services, community and relationships.

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