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Bedrock at Home

Aaniie provides the features and functionality needed to to help residents in multi-site senior communities thrive.


Bedrock at Home leverages Aaniie’s home care platform features to help residents in senior communities thrive.

With Aaniie (formerly Smartcare Software), Bedrock’s At Home group finds the power and features they need to grow their home care service line across the organization.

  • Nine locations using Aaniie’s care platform
  • Tracking 36 different home care amenities, per location on a single report
  • Utilizing Caregiver Rewards and ENGAGE Hiring Hub to support staff growth and retention
  • Immediate visit verification via Aaniie’s real-time color-coded schedule
  • PointClickCare integration makes it possible to easily share data

While the national re-hospitalization rate is 21%, Bedrock at Home has achieved a 2.1% re-hospitalization rate.

Bedrock at Home

At Bedrock at Home, Signature TouchesTM are their unique services that impact the wellness of their clients’ mind, body, and spirit.

This holistic, proactive approach to wellness offers enhanced care services to those with specific health conditions.

Their diverse and dedicated group of multicultural certified HHAs are experienced and specialty-trained in caring for individuals who may be facing chronic illnesses such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

They are able to help seniors manage their conditions through preventative measures such as education and exercise programs. These individualized service plans provide seniors with the assistance they need to be healthier.

How it Started

When Bedrock’s growing At Home group needed flexibility and targeted tools to help their home care division grow, they found that PointClickCare, their software provider, did not have the focused tools they needed on the development roadmap.

That’s when PointClickCare’s professional service staff introduced Bob Udit, Regional Vice President of Operations – Bedrock, to Aaniie.

The Aaniie platform had the flexibility and power to help Bedrock at Home grow, plus the reward and hiring platforms they needed to hire top-quality caregivers – and retain them once they are onboarded.

“We were excited to see that Aaniie had exactly what we were looking for. And as we were expanding into more regions, it made sense for us to look at a platform like Aaniie right away and make the change. We were very grateful to PointClickCare, whom we have a great relationship with because they knew we needed Aaniie’s model for our home care service line.”

— Bob Udit, Regional VP of Operations of Bedrock at Home

Customization to Grow a New Senior Living Service Line

Bedrock at Home offers more than 36 different home care amenities, and the specific services offered vary from state to state. They wanted to customize each site and develop reports and KPIs to track and build service types at all locations.

“One of the problems we were trying to solve was having the flexibility to track and report on all of our locations,” says Bob Udit. “That’s where Aaniie came in with customized reporting and a payroll report that syncs with our Excelforce program.”

“Aaniie created a report for all our home care amenities – all 36. When we pull that report, it itemizes out the amenity based on the shift tag, so we can see in each region what we’re billing for home care, what we’re billing for exercise physiology, what we’re billing for nurses, and what we’re billing for life skills. Essentially, that customization made it much easier to run the organization.

Confidence and improved satisfaction with Visit Verification

Bedrock at Home was also looking for visit verification to ensure their caregivers arrived on-site and on time.

“We were looking for visit verification on our new software solution,” continues Bob. “Before Aaniie, we wouldn’t know an employee was not on site until we received an angry call from the client.”

“Now, with the Aaniie platform’s visit verification feature, we can see the color on the schedule has changed to show that someone is currently on site and clocked in. It also shows if somebody clocked in before their shift or didn’t clock in at all. If that happens, we’ll get an alert stating, ‘Dave didn’t clock into his shift with Mrs. Smith.’ And that’s a game changer for us because we are a 24/7 operation.”

Aaniie home care software integration with PointClickCare

“The ability to transfer client information from PointClickCare to Aaniie is priceless. It will make referrals flow more easily and cut down on the lead time to initiate care.”

– Bob Udit, Regional VP of Operations

Advanced KPIs across all regions

Another challenge Bedrock at Home faced was monitoring overtime, payroll, and billing across multiple locations. Aaniie’s enterprise KPI dashboard was the solution.

“Aaniie’s dashboard gave us a higher level view of all our regions in a few clicks. So, for example, if I want to know what’s going on in Texas, I can go on to my dashboard, and see everything that’s going on in Texas for billing, overtime, and payroll. Super.”

— Bob Udit

Smartcare Home Care Software KPI Dashboard

Workflows to simplify operations

Aaniie includes everything organizations need to plan and deliver care and services, all specifically designed to meet the needs of growing communities.

One of the things we love about Aaniie is the attention to workflow,” says Bob. The ENGAGE applicant engagement platform is one example. This feature lets us import leads directly from the job boards, which is a big benefit for us. The system then recruits for us 24/7. It is constantly sending engagement emails, and alerts go out automatically to potential recruits. Our staffing team then calls to schedule interviews. With Aaniie’s hiring hub, we can get folks processed and working quicker.”

Bob continues, “Aaniie also allowed us to track our credentials in each state because they are all different – whether they need CPR, TB, or physicals. The system allows us to track all those things so we ensure we’re compliant with each state. If there is a problem, the system will let us know, ‘so and so specific credentials expiring.’ We do our own checks, but the Aaniie application serves as a second set of eyes, which is very beneficial.”

Coordinated care with message blasts

Aaniie also includes messaging to streamline communication between your admin team and service providers.

“The message blast has been huge for us,” says Bob. “Let’s say a caregiver calls in sick, and we need to fill their shift. We can send out a blast to all of our care staff to fill the shift quickly. It also helps us get information out to our staff. For example, if there are changes to any regulations or we know of something coming down the pipeline, we can blast it out to all of our caregivers, who get the information instantaneously.”

Supporting families with the Client/Family Portal

Residents and their families can quickly find details and information about their care, schedules, invoices, and important updates in Aaniie’s Client/Family Portal.

“Often, we have a client with a loved one – a son or a daughter – that lives out of state thousands of miles away. With Aaniie, we can give them a username and password, and they can log into the Client/Family Portal and fill out all the necessary paperwork. Then we can get that client on service quicker.”

“On the Client/Family Portal, the resident or their family members can log into the platform, they can see and pay their invoice, see the schedules, see the caregiver notes, and rate their caregivers. It gives a family member a great synopsis of what their loved one is doing, which is especially important if they’re thousands of miles away.”

“The Aaniie system moves at lightning speed. And it does it on the phone as well as the laptop.”

— Bob Udit, Bedrock at Home

Engaging and retaining staff with Caregiver Rewards

One of Bedrock at Home’s primary needs was a program to reward and retain their caregivers.

Bob says: “Caregiver Rewards was a big factor when we were looking for a new platform. The other platforms we considered had nothing like it. Ultimately, we needed something in the platform to retain and motivate our staff to keep them more engaged.”

“With Caregiver Rewards, our staff can accrue points based on different criteria that we use. Let’s say they get a great client review – they get some points. Let’s say they refer an employee over – they get some points for every 90 days they’re with us. For retention, they get some points.”

Bob continues, “Caregiver Rewards has been beneficial to caregivers. They like it, and it offers employee recognition. It fosters motivation, engagement, and retention. We have several staff members who have been with us since 2016 -2017. For caregivers, achieving that kind of retention is challenging. Caregiver Rewards has definitely helped.”

About Aaniie’s Caregiver Rewards

Engage and retain your caregivers with Aaniie’s Caregiver Rewards – home care’s first completely embedded caregiver engagement system.

Aaniie’s fully customizable Caregiver Rewards program offers automatic triggers for incentive points for positive behavior and status levels that reward longevity.

Providers can use rewards of any type, value, or size. The program also includes reporting and tracking capabilities, live dashboards to track reward usage and top performers, customizable badges, leaderboards, and much more.

Learn more about Caregiver Rewards >

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