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Lutheran Home’s MySolutions

Aaniie’s integration with PointClickCare assists MySolutions in managing ADL support

Aaniie helps manage activities of daily living (ADLs) and companion care services for senior living residents of Lutheran Home’s MySolutions in Arlington Heights, Illinois.


As a branch of Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights, Illinois, MySolutions offers an array of home care services to its residents. Because their company-based senior living software did not adequately address the needs of their home care program, they opted for a new home care platform.

“[Before Aaniie] we maintained two schedules, because the new software could not integrate with our company-based software. So we were doing everything twice, which was beyond ridiculous. And that’s why we started searching for a new software.

— Jane Fleischmann, MySolutions Director


When MySolutions learned about PointClickCare’s integration with Aaniie’s home care software, they knew it would quickly solve many of their headaches with duplicate scheduling and billing, and increase their caregiver satisfaction to boot.

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About MySolutions

MySolutions is a faith-based, not-for-profit service of the Lutheran Home senior living community, dedicated to providing a range of services that help people live where they choose while also maintaining the highest level of independence possible.

With more than 120 trained professionals who share a passion for meeting the needs of older adults and their families, MySolutions offers an array of home care services, move management services, and home modification services.

“Our problem was that our two systems didn’t talk with each other. So it was a real struggle to make sure that both systems were in sync and showed the same information for our caregivers and case managers. And from a billing perspective, we needed to make sure that we bill properly and pay our employees properly. Now we don’t have to worry about things being integrated. The information flows accurately and freely between Aaniie and PointClickCare.”

— Judy Swiech, Program Manager/Scheduler

Quick & Simple Billing with PointClickCare

Aaniie integrates with common senior living platforms, including PointClickCare, making it simple to share client/resident data, saving significant time while invoicing.

“Even the first time I was doing our month-end close, billing was so easy. You can review it and change things easily. With one or two clicks, it’s in PointClickCare within 10 seconds. Everything transfers over really seamlessly without any issue.”

— Alan Clough, Office Manager

Aaniie includes everything you need to efficiently manage HCBS in any type of community, from CCRCs to CCaH. The platform supports any service offering, from basic household help to pet care to personal care and ADL support. Aaniie users can pull in client demographics and allergies from PointClickCare and seamlessly share billing information using a simple, intuitive interface.

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Simplified Scheduling & Admin

Aaniie makes it possible to easily coordinate and schedule home care services for senior living communities and their residents 24/7/365. With a full suite of automation tools, Aaniie includes a dynamic scheduling dashboard that uses AI and machine learning to make scheduling a breeze.

It’s more efficient. It’s so easy to click, drag, copy, and auto- schedule. I’m only managing the exceptions as they pop up, so that in itself is a dream. My job is just to make sure that I have the schedule set up accurately, so that when our Office Manager goes to do payroll or billing, all he has to do is transfer the information into PointClickCare. The ease of using Aaniie… It’s a dream.”

— Judy Swiech, Program Manager/Scheduler

Aaniie allows admins and schedulers to simplify their workflow, improve operations, and reduce admin tasks by 60%. This was illustrated by MySolutions as Judy, their Program Manager/Scheduler, was able to take on more responsibilities in addition to scheduling.

“I’ve added two other jobs to my plate. So I’m doing the on-call scheduling and I’m also doing the administrative work since our Assistant Program Manager left. And I still can get everything done within a 40 to 42 hour work week.”

— Judy Swiech, Program Manager/Scheduler

Visible Visit Verification

Since all care is recorded in real-time, care managers are constantly updated with each resident’s well-being and can coordinate daily operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

“About three or four times a day, I go into Aaniie and I look to see where everybody’s at — We like having a check and balance. It’s just nice to be able to see if everyone’s been clocked in. If they clock in late, we love that visibility and it’s easy to make note of what’s happening, why they might have been late, or what happened with the client. If something happens on the schedule, it will be documented there, which is much easier than looking back on emails or text.”

— Jane Fleischmann, MySolutions Director

Increased Caregiver Satisfaction with Aaniie’s Point-of-Care App

Not only was Aaniie’s admin side more user-friendly than their previous software, but the care staff at MySolutions were also very impressed with the app’s ease of use.

“The previous software was a lot more difficult for our caregivers to use. And Aaniie has just been so much easier for everybody. Most of our caregivers are not tech savvy, but Aaniie has been a lot smoother to get them on board with.”

— Jane Fleischmann, MySolutions Director

Impressive Implementation & Customer Support

Learning and adapting to a new software may seem like a big undertaking. Our goal at Aaniie is to make the implementation process as streamlined as possible to get your business up and running quickly.

“Our implementation went extremely well. Our dedicated Project Manager worked with us every step of the way, and now we have the recordings to go back to if we need to. Our IT Director said that this was by far the easiest implementation that they went through.

— Judy Swiech, Program Manager/Scheduler

Aaniie’s customer support team will be there every step of the way and goes above and beyond to ensure our users’ success.

“If we’ve had to call customer service, they respond really, really quickly. I don’t have to call them that often, but when I do, we get a solution within an hour or two, if not less.”

— Jane Fleischmann, MySolutions Director
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Advice for Senior Living Communities Looking for an Integrated Home Care Software

The team at MySolutions has revealed their secret to providing great home care services to senior living residents — Aaniie’s easy-to-use home care software that integrates with their senior living software. Here is what they had to say to anyone considering Aaniie, formerly Smartcare Software:

“Very user friendly. I’ve never worked with a system that’s as user friendly as this system. And that’s even through my inventory planning career and any other kind of career that I’ve been in. It’s one of the easiest systems to use from my standpoint. I believe from my caregiver standpoint, it’s just very user friendly.”

— Judy Swiech, Program Manager/Scheduler

“It seems like the training we do with the caregivers goes much more smoothly, and they’re able to figure it out pretty well, which makes it much better for the actual usage.”

— Jane Fleischmann, Director

“I’ve worked in senior living, but I never touched home care before, and I was able to pick up Aaniie very quickly, very easily. Should I ever have to work with another software, I don’t know how it could possibly be easier than Aaniie. From what I’ve seen, it always does exactly what you need it to do.”

— Alan Clough, Office Manager

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