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Care Family

You want to find the best care for your family member.  There are so many home care agencies out that and they are not all the same.   By selecting an agency that uses SMARTcare you are choosing an agency that leverages that latest technology to ensure delivery of the best care for your loved one.

At SMARTcare we have designed our system with the client/patient at the center.  This is a patient centric system that lets your home care agency focus on your family’s care and providing the best care possible for your love ones.

The intuitive, easy-to-learn, user-friendly system allows your caregiver to spend more time delivering care and less time on documentation and paperwork. This lets your home care agency focus on the care and providing the best care for your loved ones.

Using this same easy-to-use interface we designed our home care Family Portal to give your family a window into your loved one’s care. At SMARTcare we know that even when you can’t be there, you want to be involved in the care of your family member or friend. That is why we created SMARTcare’s Family Portal.

Our Family Portal  gives you real-time access to track day-to-day schedule and activities and provides insights into their care.   Family Portal uses mobile friendly technology so you can get the information you need where ever you are, across town or across the country.  Equipped with advanced communication tools, integration with Alexa ® and Google Home ®, Family Portal provides on-demand updates and alerts, giving you everything you need to say engaged with the care of your loved one.  Keep tabs on their care, monitoring who was there, what care was delivered, review caregiver notes, message your care team and even manage your billing anywhere, from your smart phone, anytime 24/7.


  • Intuitive, easy to learn user-friendly system – Stay connected to your loved one’s care
  • Synchronized & always available where you are – Real-time access to your care team
  • Built-in security, redundancy and reliability
  • Cloud based – Mobile friendly technology
  • Your device – Available on any internet device of choice Android/iOS smart phone, Alexa ® and Google Home ®,
  • Insights – Know the details behind the care delivered

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