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8 Advantages of Investing in Mobile Technology for Home Care Providers

Published on August 24, 2022 by Sharon Morrisette

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Mobile technologies go where the users go and are advantageous in many ways for many businesses. In the past couple of years, investing in mobile technology has become pivotal for home care providers as well.

In the home care industry, mobile apps enable home care agency leaders to access valuable business insights at their fingertips. At the same time, they allow caregivers to clock in on the go and provide easy access to care plans.

Studies show that smartphone use is rapidly increasing, demonstrating the importance of investing in mobile technology. As smartphones continue to become second nature, the demand for mobile technology in home care will only increase.

With so many benefits, investing in mobile technology is a no-brainer. Here are eight advantages of investing in mobile technology for home care providers.

1. Affordable

Mobile technologies save home care providers money by automating some of the more costly aspects of a home care business, such as sales, marketing, and hiring

For example, automated sales tools allow you to quickly convert leads and referrals into clients, saving precious time and giving your caregiver team a quick start. 

When hiring new caregivers, automation can streamline this process as well as allow you to quickly see when you need to hire more staff. You can also increase the candidate engagement rate by allowing candidates to download an application, fill out forms on their smartphone, and send messages with updates about their application.

2. Portable


Mobile technology is portable and great for managing a mobile or remote workforce and keeping communication channels open at all times. Your team can get things done on the go, and no crucial details are lost in the process. 

For example, with mobile technology caregivers only need their smartphones to check schedules, document and review ADLs and care plans and record notes about client visits, as well as their mileage and expenses.

3. Practical

Mobile apps that are intuitive and user-friendly make completing certain tasks easier, freeing up resources to be used more efficiently. 

For example, smart scheduling features not only facilitate the tedious task of organizing multiple caregivers and clients but also allow matching your clients with the right caregiver to optimize client satisfaction

At the same time, mobile applications work better and faster than paper-based systems used for billing, scheduling, documenting care plans, etc.

4. Secure

Secure communication - Smartcare Software

Home care providers must keep communication between their clients, office staff, and caregivers secure. 

Mobile applications not only improve communication between the caregiver, client, and home care provider, but also ensure compliance. This can give home care businesses an edge over their competitors. 

For example, secure in-app messaging allows clients and their families to contact the caregiver for specific instructions. In addition, home care clients’ families can receive updates about their loved one’s care.

5. Increases productivity and engagement

Since mobile apps provide easy access to schedules, care plans, company regulations, and more, your caregivers can be more autonomous. 

They can do more without needing constant supervision from schedulers, HR, or external sources. For example, caregivers can pick up shifts independently, view and modify their schedules, and easily register information about the care they provide.

At the same time, mobile apps are using gamification tools to make tasks easier and more fun. Historically tedious tasks such as logging hours or completing compliance training can become more engaging thanks to mobile technology.

6. Improves the caregiver experience

Successful home care businesses care about their caregivers as much as their clients. Therefore, you should invest in mobile technologies that can increase caregiver engagement and retention.

For example, home care providers who use Smartcare’s mobile app help their caregivers spend up to 64% less time on administrative tasks. This frees up more time for caregivers to enjoy caring for their clients, take much-needed breaks, and deliver higher-quality care.

Additionally, caregivers often list poor communication as one of the reasons they quit, which significantly contributes to the caregiver retention problem. A mobile app is an effective and secure solution that streamlines and organizes all communication in one place and improves the caregiver experience.

7. Improves client/caregiver engagement

Cultivating an understanding of clients' needs - Smartcare Software

Mobile technologies are designed to be simple and engaging. Many functions, such as reminders, care documentation, in-app messaging, video conferencing, and more, can be integrated into one mobile app. These features make it easier for your clients to keep interacting with your brand.

At the same time, they allow your caregivers to strengthen their relationship with your clients and their families. Real-time access to their loved one’s care is important for families, while care recipients can instantly leave feedback and ask for support from your team.

8. Provides access to real-time data and analytics

Businesses must collect and analyze data to optimize their operations and increase revenue. Mobile technologies allow home care business leaders to capture data and use it to improve client and caregiver satisfaction via actionable insights. 

For example, automation allows you to set and track KPIs via your smartphone. For instance, if your KPIs shows that most of your caregivers leave within the first 30 days, you can invest more in hiring, orientation, and onboarding processes.

Mobile technologies can also use the location data of your caregivers to track client visits and travel times. Additionally, mobile apps also allow businesses to collect, analyze and leverage customer data. As a result, you can better understand your client’s preferences and behavior and optimize your customer services accordingly. 

Smartcare has a user-first approach to technology and provides mobile technology tailored to home care providers. Each user, from caregivers and schedulers to office staff and administrators, can easily get their tasks done — all from their smartphone.

If you’d like to join home care businesses that use mobile technology to optimize their operations, retain their caregivers and increase their revenue, please give us a call or request a free demo to see how the Smartcare app can help you and your team.