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Better Customer Service- Smartcare Expands Customer Success Team

Published on May 10, 2019 by Scott Zielski

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We are welcoming Ashtyn Ness to the Smartcare Family and Customer Success Team as we expand our commitment to high-touch customer support.

Why Our Customer Service Is Valuable

The reason Smartcare is Simply better is it is more than us having our industry-leading software.

Our software is simple to use and drives agency best-practices in-home care.  It’s really our team and the people that support the software our customers interact with that truly make us better. 

It’s our team that makes the difference with Smartcare, we are committed to picking up the phone and having real conversations with every customer.

To further support our core mission of helping our Home Care Agency customer improve and grow their business. Smartcare is announcing the addition of Ashtyn Ness to the Smartcare team and family.

Why Ashtyn is Valuable

“We believe in being BETTER through continual improvement in everything we do. And today I’m really pleased to be able to announce that we have added Ashtyn to our team” commented Scott Zielski, President and CEO of Smartcare. 

“Ashtyn’s background and energy toward helping our customers improve and grow their businesses are aligned with the overall Smartcare vision of succeeding through our customer’s successes.”

Ashtyn is coming to us with perfect experiences that fit well into supporting our customers.  Previously Ashtyn worked with for a SaaS company. This company provided business automation software for independent business owners in the services sector. 

More recently she was on the staff of an assisted living center where she saw first hand the impact a caregiver can make on improving the lives of clients and patients.

Smartcares goal is having the right resource aligned to the right customer to best serve their needs.  From that first client agency to large established home care agencies that are looking to improve. 

Smartcare has customer success team members dedicated to the individual market niches.  Ashtyn’s addition leading our large account management team will allow us to have more focus on agencies that are well established and continuing to grow their business.

Ashtyn is looking forward to working with both our new and existing client partners.