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Home Care Business Opportunity for Senior Living or Continuing Care Communities

Published on June 3, 2022 by Sharon Morrisette

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By 2030, 1 out of every 5 U.S citizens will be of retirement age. With the aging population growing every year, the demand for healthcare and senior living facilities is increasing too. 

Non-medical home care services play a vital role in providing additional support to residents of senior living or continuing care retirement communities (CCRC).

The residents in these communities are mostly healthy (or have full access to medical services) but may still require on-demand personal care and in-home care services.

Therefore, CCRCs or senior living communities can create new business opportunities by adding home care to their services. 

So what should you know about providing such services? This article will explain the business benefits of providing home care services in a CCRC or senior living community. 

How does it work? 

In traditional home care, caregivers visit the client’s home to help them with non-medical assistance, such as mobility, bathing, shopping, cooking, taking medications, etc. These visits may last anywhere from an hour to 24/7 care.

Home care services in facility-based care centers, CCRCs, and senior living communities work differently.

For example, a caregiver usually attends to multiple residents in a care facility or community, and each client visit is shorter. 

Not all seniors need or can afford 24-hour assistance and care. Instead of the residents or the facility-based care providers outsourcing home care services, the care communities can encapsulate all aspects of care (medical and non-medical) to create a holistic service that will attract more clients.

Smartcare Home Care Business Different Backgrounds

1. Attract clients from a wider age group and different health backgrounds

In senior living communities, residents enjoy their independence and socializing with other residents. However, they also need varying levels of support as they grow older. 

Senior living communities can initially offer home care or ADL services to seniors who are otherwise healthy. By doing so, they can attract more clients from a wider age group and different health backgrounds. 

A diverse client base becomes useful in anticipating future care demands and making adjustments to the services you provide.

2. Increase your revenue

When you diversify your services, you can create a more inclusive and comprehensive care environment.

This opens up the opportunity to offer more on-demand personal care services and in-home care services to existing residents, which increases your revenue and helps to expand your business. 

Additionally, providing ADL support, housekeeping, and other non-medical home care can help senior living communities gain a competitive advantage over those that only provide skilled nursing and assisted living services.

Smartcare Home Care Business Diversify

3. Diversify your workforce

When your residents are comprised of people who need different levels of care, you can diversify your workforce and employ professionals with various degrees of experience.

This allows you to run your operations more efficiently, and gain more from your team who can respond to your clients in a holistic way. 

One challenge you may come across is coordinating care between skilled and unskilled care providers and personal care and in-home care service providers.

In this case, using a ​​healthcare software platform like Smartcare can help you schedule multiple tasks with multiple clients seamlessly.

How can Smartcare help?

Smartcare is an all-in-one software making scheduling and managing shifts, onboarding, and rewarding staff, safer communications with clients and their families, and KPI tracking easier.

Smartcare also records all provided services in real-time, so you are always updated about your residents’ wellbeing.

Smartcare’s integrations with other software used in healthcare, such as PointClickCare, make it possible to merge databases and accelerate the referral process, quickly initiating the care process.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using Smartcare at your facility, please give us a call or request a free demo.