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How to Best Support Patients and Families in Care and Hospice Planning

Published on April 27, 2024 by Sharon Morrisette

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When patients are given the autonomy to make decisions about their care, they experience increased satisfaction and a greater sense of control. However, many home care and hospice agencies need help boosting effective engagement and coordination.

Engaging patients and their families in care and hospice planning is essential as this engagement and empowerment significantly enhance patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. 

Let’s explore how families can facilitate a beneficial and collaborative approach to care and hospice planning that respects and prioritizes patient preferences.

The Importance of Engagement in Care Planning

Research consistently shows that patients and their families’ active participation in home care and hospice planning correlates with improved outcomes.  

The American Medical Association states, “When patients’ needs are prioritized, they engage in treatment, and the treatments are more effective. Patient, family, and staff satisfaction ratings significantly increase, but also that patients’ health outcomes improve. Implementation of patient-and-family-centered care (PFCC) is also correlated with a decrease in patients’ emergency department visits, faster recovery, and decreased utilization of health care resources.”

This underscores how engaged patients, who typically experience higher satisfaction rates, can significantly benefit home care and hospice agencies by enhancing their service reputation and client retention.

Strategies for Empowering Patients in Care and Hospice Planning

1. Inclusive Care Planning

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Involving patients and families in creating care and hospice plans ensures their needs and preferences are prioritized. Patients should always be encouraged to express their feelings, ask questions, and share their concerns and thoughts about the care they are receiving. This collaborative approach leads to more personalized care and improved adherence to treatment plans.

Aaniie makes it easy to create customizable care plans. Its easy-to-navigate interface also allows patients and families to actively schedule and modify their care plans in real-time, ensuring that these plans truly reflect their desires and needs.

2.  Encourage Transparent and Secure Communication

It’s especially important to encourage patients in hospice care to voice their opinions. These patients, often in the final stages of their terminal illness, often feel scared, powerless, and helpless. Voicing their preferences and concerns empowers them and helps them feel back in control.

Ensuring patient security is integral. With integrated HIPAA-compliant communication tools, Aaniie ensures that patients can safely and securely express their needs, preferences, and concerns, maintaining an open line of dialogue with their care teams to foster trust and confidence.

3. Educate Patients and Families

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Providing patients and families with easy-to-understand information about their conditions and care options empowers them to make informed decisions. Through the Client & Family Portal, Aaniie provides accessible information on care processes, schedules, health records, invoices, and important updates, helping patients and families understand their options and be actively involved in the care they are receiving.

4. Provide Comprehensive Support Systems

Patients should be provided access to support resources like social workers, counselors, death doulas, and spiritual care workers. These professionals, alongside other educational materials, can support and assist patients, their family members, and caregivers to cope with the emotional process while learning to navigate the practical challenges of their care and hospice journey.

5. Feedback and Communication

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Establishing robust channels for feedback enhances the care experience. Regular and open communication ensures continuous improvement and adjustment of care services according to patient and family needs.

With Aaniie’s 360-Degree Satisfaction Surveys, agencies can capture comprehensive feedback from all stakeholders, including caregivers, patients, and their families, providing valuable insights to help refine their services and care approaches.

Leveraging Aaniie’s Features for Patient and Family Empowerment

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Empowering patients and their families in the planning process greatly enhances the overall care experience. All of the strategies discussed—whether it’s providing comprehensive support systems, educating patients and families, offering inclusive care planning, or ensuring safe and transparent communication—can be significantly enhanced and scaled with the right technology.

Aaniie’s comprehensive care platform perfectly aligns with these growth strategies, providing a robust software solution that simplifies operations, improves service delivery, and supports many care industries, including home care and hospice.

To discover how Aaniie can be your strategic care platform partner, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team today or request a free demo.