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Smartcare at the Forefront, Awarded Top Home Care Software Scheduling Provider for 2020

Published on September 21, 2020 by Jarica Steinke

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Smartcare at the Forefront, Awarded Top Home Care Software Scheduling Provider for 2020

Information Technologies leading source for insights and technology trends CIOReview voted Smartcare Software to the top of the list of Scheduling Software Solution Providers for 2020, at the forefront of providing scheduling software solutions and transforming businesses.

Eau Claire, WI, July 22, 2020 – Smartcare Software, Inc., the home healthcare innovator trusted by providers worldwide, announced that they have received the CIOReview’s award for Top Home Care Scheduling Provider for 2020 becoming the only home care platform making CIOReview’s Top Scheduling Software list as a result of the Smartcare scheduling innovations

Smartcare was designed by home care providers for providers with workflow simplicity at its heart making it the most robust, agile, and flexible home care scheduling solution on the market today. Its cloud-based platform makes it accessible from anywhere on any device.

The CIOReview award recognizes the pioneering efforts Smartcare has done in the area of advancing scheduling for the home care industry as part of its innovative-leading platform that delivers a highly configurable solution to home care providers.

The Smartcare platform leverages the latest digital technology including AI, social, automation, and interoperability to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving providers time, lowering cost, improving overall care, and delivering unmatched user experience. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive yet another award from a leading technology source as they recognized Smartcare as one of the best scheduling platforms available anywhere today and the top one for home care solutions,” said Scott Zielski, President, CEO of Smartcare Software. “CIOReview further validates the dedication our teams have to advance home care software putting the caregiver and client/patient first. We are really proud of this achievement, which demonstrates our innovative and pioneering approach to modern-day scheduling requirements in home-based care.” 

The CIOReview is an industry-leading technology reference and a phenomenal endorsement of our platform. Most importantly, Smartcare software has been developed by providers for providers and is based upon in-depth understandings of the foundational workflow best practices.

Smartcare is the industry’s only enhanced engagement platform for caregivers, patients, and their family members, which it delivers through mobile applications that enrich the caregiver, patient, and family experience.

The unique principle revolves around convenience and excellence for all involved, optimally meeting needs, and enabling those receiving care at home to have the best experience possible. Most important of all, our principles drive our belief that the relationship between caregivers and care receivers is imperative for positive user experience and is the fundamental basis for home care provider success. 

The continual impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is increasing the importance of home care having a leading scheduling platform to successfully run a profitable home care agency. The home care scheduling solution today needs to not only be able to adapt to the continual changes but it needs to be intelligent to help manage a provider’s operations through this pandemic.

Smartcare’s scheduling suite is interoperable with all the other critical home care agency tools including the Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset released earlier this year. Available at no cost to all established home care agencies, the COVID- 19 Toolset houses functionality to monitor, manage and minimize exposure risk, and improve safety through checks, reminders, and tracking tools for caregivers, clients, and their family members.

In home care is the safest place to receive care especially for aging seniors and Smartcare’s scheduling suite ensures the ideal workflow for every home care provider to deliver the best possible care. 

“The COVID-19 outbreak disrupted care for our aging population. Through the Smartcare platform we saw how our company could quickly help the entire home care community, with a technology solution that that works seamlessly with home care scheduling to ensure care is delivered,” commented Scott Zielski, “We’re fundamentally changing the way home care providers will advance their home care businesses with machine learning and automation that delivers improved caregiver retention, better patient outcomes, and helps reduce hospital readmissions and prevents never events.” 

Smartcare uses technology to organize, optimize, and drive best practices for agencies and providers delivering care within the home while improving outcomes and satisfaction. The system is a fully integrated caregiver, financial, and business intelligence solution that provides tools to help build and track new clients, manage homecare operations and ensure compliance and care quality for home care providers, caregivers, and agency leadership. Smartcare solutions drive the best practices in care and increase the engagement of caregivers, their patients, and the patient’s family members leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. 

Smartcare Software recognized by CIOReview as a Top scheduling software provider for 2020. 

For more information about Smartcare Software go to smartcaresoftware.com 

For more information about the CIOReview go to www.cioreview.com. 

About Smartcare Software

About Smartcare Software, Inc. Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Smartcare Software was founded by former healthcare technology and home care professionals. Smartcare Software is a complete SaaS business automation and point of care platform for home care and healthcare providers.

Smartcare solutions drive the best practices in care and increase the engagement of caregivers, their patients and the patient’s family members leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. Smartcare leverages the latest technology including digital, AI, and interoperability to enable providers to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving time and improving outcomes. Smartcare manages the entire home care continuum, organizing care provider operations, gathering insights from home care data, and delivers predictive analytics to reduce re-admissions and improve patient/client outcomes. 

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