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Smartcare Software, inc. to Provide COVID-19 Toolset at No Cost to ALL Homecare Providers

Published on April 9, 2020 by Scott Zielski

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Smartcare Software, inc. to Provide COVID-19 Toolset at No Cost to ALL Homecare Providers

To support homecare providers across the United States as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Smartcare Software has released a full suite of functionality specifically designed to help agencies keep their caregivers and clients safe. This functionality is already provided to Smartcare customers at no charge, as part of Smartcare’s compete digital homecare automation platform. Smartcare is now providing access to its COVID-19 Toolset for ALL eligible agencies at no cost. 

Eau Claire, WI, April 9th, 2020 – Smartcare Software, inc. is supporting the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) offering a full suite of functionality for helping homecare providers monitor, manage exposure risk, and improve safety as they provide care to seniors and individuals with special needs. Smartcare is partnering with homecare agencies as they look to provide heroic service levels to the clients and families they serve. “Due to the innovation built right into the Smartcare solution and the agility of our engineering team we were able to take quick action to address the pandemic,” said William Mattle, COO of Smartcare. “We developed the Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset to support our customers as they respond to this crisis. With the positive reactions we received from our customers, combined with the outreach of home care providers requesting access to the COVID-19 Toolset; we quickly recognized that Smartcare could do more to help the homecare industry. Today, we are making the Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset available to the everyone at no charge”. 

Smartcare’s customer driven products and culture of speed is supporting their homecare customers with digital solutions as they respond to the rapidly developing emergency. “Crisis management hit an all-time high when the COVID-19 outbreak arrived. We used Smartcare’s Platform tools to help us as we shifted our back-office team to working remotely and to better monitor and connect with our caregivers as they worked with clients in their homes,” said Golden Kennedy, Golden Heart, Sun City, AZ. “But we urgently needed more tools to protect our staff and high-risk clients. We reached out to Smartcare and asked for help! Within 24 hours they released the Toolset that allowed us to advance our response, taking it to a level far beyond what we asked for. The COVID-19 Toolset has allowed us to quickly respond, engaging our clients and caregivers with the easy-to-use App, automated reminders, symptom screening and tracking to help increase safety” said Golden Kennedy, Golden Heart, AZ 

The Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset offers workflow and digital tools that were developed based on CDC and WHO guidelines, as well as feedback from Smartcare customers. The COVID-19 Toolset is a simple, intuitive App for caregivers to indicate their work status, report exposures, receive COVID-19 reminders and notifications, provide symptom screening and attestation, review policies and procedures, and receive real-time agency updates. The App is available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. There is also a telephony option for caregivers that may not have access to a smart phone. 

“We saw a need where our company could help the overall homecare market with a solution that will have an impact for the entire homecare community. COVID-19 has shown that it spreads very fast and our seniors are at a heightened risk. Homecare providers need a solution right now that uses the latest digital technology to give their agency the power to respond to this new reality. This is definitely not business as usual and providers need to leverage all the tools at their disposal to do their best to keep their caregivers and clients safe”, explains Mattle. 

Smartcare has put a COVID-19 Rapid Response Team in place to quickly determine eligibility and to work with agencies to ensure that the Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset App. is fully deployed, configured and live as quickly as possible. The Smartcare team has proprietary data mapping tools that will allow them to upload a provider’s current clients and caregivers in less than 30 minutes, a service that is also provided at no charge. 

To apply for Toolset access agencies should go to: https://smartcaresoftware.com/resources/covid19toolset-apply/ 

Or email us at COVID19@smartcaresoftware.com or call at 1-715-227-3768. 

Smartcare will continue to monitor the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We recognize that the situation is fluid so we will continue to make enhancements as needed, in the service of supporting the homecare community and the clients and families they serve. 

For more information about Smartcare Software go to https://smartcaresoftware.com 

About Smartcare Software, inc. Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Smartcare Software was founded by former healthcare technology and home care professionals. Smartcare Software is a complete SaaS business automation and point of care platform for home care and healthcare providers. Smartcare solutions drive the best practices in care and increase the engagement of caregivers, their patients and the patient’s family members leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. Smartcare leverages the latest technology including digital, AI, and interoperability to enable providers to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving time and improving outcomes. Smartcare manages the entire home care continuum, organizing care provider operations, gathering insights from home care data, and delivers predictive analytics to reduce re-admissions and improve patient/client outcomes. Smartcare Software recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Home Healthcare Provider for 2020.