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Smartcare Software Releases ENGAGE Applicant Management System, Unlocking Home Care’s Hiring Challenges

Published on March 21, 2022 by Sharon Morrisette

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Smartcare Software releases ENGAGE applicant management system, unlocking home care’s hiring challenges.

Smartcare Software expands its next-generation home care platform’s tools for advancing caregiver retention and satisfaction with an applicant management toolset designed exclusively for recruiting and hiring home care providers.

Eau Claire, WI, March 21, 2022 – Smartcare Software, Inc., provider of a complete cloud-based digital solution for home care providers, announced the addition of ENGAGE Hiring Hub to its award-winning home care platform.

ENGAGE is the first applicant management system designed specifically for hiring caregivers.

Smartcare Software’s new ENGAGE Hiring Hub is a comprehensive hiring platform designed to address the unique challenges of attracting and onboarding top caregivers as providers focus on effectively growing their talent pool. Providers can post positions to job boards, manage applicants, and move candidates quickly through the stages of their hiring process while keeping information online and organized – all without leaving the Smartcare Software platform.

ENGAGE also automates email and text communications to create an optimal candidate experience at every hiring stage. Consistent communication while hiring enhances caregiver candidates’ interest level, increases the applicant-to-hire ratio and decreases applicant dropout while helping to build an employer brand to attract and hire top talent and achieve agency success.

“In the current hiring climate, caregivers can choose between multiple job offers, so home care
providers need to act quickly,” explains Scott Zielski, CEO of Smartcare Software. “By creating Smartcare Software’s ENGAGE Hiring Hub, we’re making it easy for providers to post openings, engage the best caregiver talent, and swiftly respond to applicants.

ENGAGE uses automation and advanced communication tools to help providers improve their applicant-to-hire ratio without leaving the Smartcare Software application.”

As part of Smartcare Software’s comprehensive home care platform, ENGAGE integrates seamlessly with the platform’s complete employee management toolset. When an agency hires a candidate, a single click turns an applicant into a caregiver, creates the employee file, and maintains all hiring and employee information in one place for easy access.

Effortless caregiver recruitment, engagement, and hiring are more ways Smartcare Software solves the caregiver hiring and retention crisis in home care.

For more information about Smartcare Software visit: smartcaresoftware.com

About Smartcare Software, Inc.

Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Smartcare Software is a complete SaaS Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and point-of-care platform developing transformative technologies to support the future of home care in the post-acute and long-term care markets.

Smartcare Software’s sophisticated connected technologies and advanced proactive analytics produce better patient outcomes, simplify back-office functions, and drive higher profitability for providers. By leveraging the latest research in machine learning (ML), gamification, and advanced automation, Smartcare Software is solving home care’s staffing and retention crisis while providing a superior user and client experience.

Smartcare Software solutions drive the best practices in care while increasing the engagement of caregivers, patients, and patient family members, leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction.