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Use your CRM effectively during the post-holiday referral rush

Published on December 19, 2018 by Scott Zielski

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Is your CRM designed around home care?

The holidays and first few weeks of the new year are one of the busiest times of the year for our home care industry.  We typically see referrals surge during this time. 

As we prepare for this time of the year making sure you are ready and managing the referral surge is key to a successful year. 

Why do we see a spike after the holidays?  That’s because during the holiday gatherings the family comes together.  Here they see for the first time that their parents or other family members have had changes over the year and may need more assistance.

Your CRM should play an effective part in managing these referrals and ensuring that you are following up with potential clients to gain new business.  Having a CRM that is designed around the home care market, referrals and industry makes managing this inbound process easier. 

It also makes it more effective when you go back to see where these referrals came from to further source additional business in the future. 

The CRM shouldn’t be an isolated solution, it should be part of your rich, interconnected client engagement and care ecosystem.  A CRM for home care should have technology in it that fits with home care.

There are several must haves for a home care agency CRM:

  • It should be easy to configure your so your agency team and you actually use it;
  • The CRM should align with your home care business processes;
  • It should be efficient and optimized to the way home care referrals come in with easy to track referral sources;
  • It needs to be automated, this isn’t a notebook solution; and
  • It should be available when and where you want to use it, on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Make sure you are ready to go during this home care referral rush by getting your CRM ready and using it.  An effective home care CRM will assist you in gaining more clients but keep in mind that it is only one component of building a successful home care business. 

Have an end-to-end home business solution and using it is all part of the success.
Want to find out more about CRM’s that our tailored to home care.  We’d love to talk about this and other tools that can make sure business success.  Send us an email today