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Incredible features that make running your agency fun! SMARTCare is loaded with useful features, each designed for ease of use. We listen to our users and integrate their requests constantly. SMARTCare is built by our users for our users.

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You Have a lot to Manage

As an agency owner or manager at a home care or you likely manage a million different things on a daily basis.  All this just to keep the agency running and your customers and caregivers happy.  All these different tasks can sometimes  get confusing. How many different services and apps do you need to make sure that you are managing everything to keep your business running? SMARTcare Software is a fully integrated solution that will allow you to manage all your shifts, caregivers, clients and office activities in one easy to use platform. Having everything you need at the touch of a finger will improve how your business operates dramatically, stop spending hours everyday reviewing mileage, approving reimbursements, tracking caregiver credential expiration’s, manually entering data into separate systems for payroll, claims processing and invoicing. we can take care of it for you. Same goes for your caregivers, allow them to go home and relax without having to do hours of paperwork each night, with our digital documentation and record keeping they can record notes and task completion about their visits on the go.  Using SMARTcare, our agency owners have experienced, increased client and caregiver satisfaction first hand.  

Hear it from our customers first hand

“SmartCare is a great software system! Everything you need for running a successful business is within this system. The site is easy to navigate, and the staff are beyond helpful with any questions you may have.”  ActiKare Minnesota  

At SMARTcare people matter, We pride ourselves in making sure not only our software is outstanding and easy-to-use but, also our customer service is second to none. We pick up the phone and have live conversations, making real connections with our customers every day. If your current process is producing more headaches than productivity give us a call and learn more about how we can make those headaches go away for good.  

More than a software company

SMARTcare is more than an enterprise  software company for your home care agency, SMARTcare offes a comprehensive solution that improves operations, increases the efficiency of your back office and caregivers in the field. SMARTcare reduces costs, increases profitability and strives to deliver the best client/caregiver experience. SMARTcare’s solution is deliverd by a team of experts that provide the kind of daily support you would expect from a true partner in your business. 

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