Our Values

Designed by Caregivers and Agency Owners

SMARTcare was designed by caregivers and agency owners that grew frustrated by the systems they were using. They found that applications developed by software engineers, coming from outside the industry, did not meet the unique needs of the successful home care agency. The systems that were available each came with their own set of problems; the software was difficult to use in the agency’s home office and harder to use in the field with limited functionality. More complicated systems nickeled and dimed agencies for every new feature, including a lot of unnecessary functionality, just to upsell to customers. Something had to change.


Developed within successful home care agencies, SMARTcare delivers a complete solution at one price. SMARTcare was designed by a team that knows home care, to meet your needs, tailored to your agency’s back office and caregiver workflow, with tools to:

OUR VALUES – Homecare Excellence

  • Help you hit the ground running if you are an entrepreneur in the early stages of establishing your agency
  • Support your agency with a full suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to develop your first prospects and turn those prospects into clients; and then reminders to solicit feedback and referrals. SMARTcare also supports caregiver recruiting with tools that automate and speed the recruiting process, helping you attract and keep the best caregivers
  • Accelerate growth with the freedom to lead your agency into the future with cutting edge software that will increasingly automate time consuming, repetitive back office tasks while ensuring best practice workflow to ensure client and caregiver satisfaction. All so you can focus on the blue sky of opportunity in home care today