SMARTcare Electronic Visit Documentation (SMARTcare EVD)

The SMARTcare Electronic Visit Verification and Documentation application uses our exclusive SMART logic combing GPS, mobile phones, and telephony technologies solutions. SMARTcare’s EVV system can be used undependably or together with our highly integration with our overall SMARTcare Agency management system enabling real-time management of field staff, enabling providers to effectively respond to scheduling, clinical, or service exceptions. The SMARTcare EVV enhances your agency’s value with precise productivity reporting, efficient payroll processing, and auto generation of accurate, and timely billing.

21st Century CURES Act and Medicare Advantage

The 21st Century CURES Act has expanded effective January 1, 2019 to include Federal payment under Medicaid for in-home personal care services or home health care services. Medicare Advantage plans will also be able to include home care as a benefit for the first time in 2019. Rest assured that SMARTcare already provides Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Electronic Visit Documentation (EVD) as part of our standard offering. We can help you prepare as these changes come, email us at and let’s have a deeper discussion.

State EVV Mandates

The SMARTcare E.V.V. application was designed to meet the evolving requirements for Individual State Compliant Electronic Visit Verification requirements. Our highly advanced system is ready to meet your State specific goals and our experienced Integration team has over 20 years integrating medical and non-medical systems. We will collaborate directly with your individual State as needed to tailor the system for your specific requirements.

EVV for States – The SMARTcare EVV system is fully-functional system designed to be a state-compliant EVV/EVD. States can take advantage of our full-functionality or SMARTcare will work individual State’s EVV customization needs. The SMARTcare system is already used in states throughout the US.

SMARTcare for Agencies – Our SMART Visit Verification system is easy to use and created to help providers and agency owners accurately track and account for their field staff.

SMARTcare EVV for MCOs, ACOs, and Payers – The SMARTcare data provides insights into visit tracking, highly reliable visit verification and reimbursements submission compliance.

SMARTcare for Automatic Number Identification

SMARTcare use the state-of-the-art Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology to collect the patient’s telephone number verification electronically. A highly reliable time-stamp is attached each verification with the exact time. Through SMARTcare’s SMART logic verification of the time, location, and caregiver are created in an electronic record.

SMARTcare EVV and SMARTcare EVD Highlights

• Multiple Solutions for E.V.V. and E.V.D.

• SMART and Simple Tracking of Visits and Duration

• SMART Logic IDs Suspicious Caregiver Behavior

• Biometric Voice Verification Confirmation

• Visit Documentation, Details and Tasks

• Seamless Billing and Payroll Data

• Interoperable with Other Systems

• Alerts and Analytics

• Reporting and Insights on Client Engagement