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Incredible features that make running your agency fun! SMARTCare is loaded with useful features, each designed for ease of use. We listen to our users and integrate their requests constantly. SMARTCare is built by our users for our users.

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Customer and Business Intelligence

Run Your Business With Intelligence

Improving the client and caregiver relationship through technology

SMARTcare provides actionable data that can be leveraged to make data-driven business decisions as well as care treatment decisions for your clients. When determining if your business is performing as well as it can and should be don’t just take people’s word for it, utilize past data and see the improvement and growth first hand.

Engagement and Outcomes

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SMARTcare Mobile Application

SMARTcare is excited to announce the release of our new mobile application. This application for home care professionals allows for all the functionality of our full software at the touch of your fingers on your own phone. Caregivers will have the ability to check-in and out of their shifts with ease and agency executives and planners have the ability to monitor and update information on the go.

On the Go

Employees can have access to company documents such as handbooks and standards on their phones without needing to ask their managers. Empower your caregivers to be independent and confident if clients are asking questions that require looking into.


Client Satisfaction

Empower your clients to provide their input on not only the care they received but who provided it, the manner in which they provided care, the business and how they feel it operates and everything else. Listening to the the voice of the customer is powerful and SMARTcare helps put that at the forefront of your business.

Caregiver Happiness

Unfortunately, caregivers have some of the highest turnover rates in America so making sure that you are not only hiring capable people but also making sure that you retain them is extremely important. Manage this by utilizing SMARTcare’s caregiver rewards to provide a reason for your caregivers to not only work harder but also stay with your agency.

Work SMARTer not Harder!



Better manage your clients and potential clients to be able to re-market them in the future and capture more business. Having the ability to capture and manage all of your leads will drive business and growth.


Leverage the data that we provide to understand where you are performing best and what makes you stand out from the other agencies in your area and use that to promote yourself.

Tablet displaying an analytics report

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Make better hiring decisions

Using pre-employment testing to increase your hiring success rate by over 52% vs. the national average. Utilize our integrated background checking to make sure you are hiring the best people for your agency. When you decide to hire an applicant all you need to do is change their status and all their information carries over into their caregiver profile.

Higher Productivity

Find more productive employees, using employment screening to find the best team members and deliver better care. You will spend less time looking through applications and more time hiring and training the best caregivers you can find.

Lower Turnover

Reduce home care turnover rates in your agency. Reduce caregiver turnover by over 50% with SMARTcare Software through employment screening.  Find and hold a better team of caregivers that deliver top-quality care.

Reports and Analytics

man sitting at a desk with coffee working on their computer looking at google analytics

Data-Driven Business

We provide valuable data on average time spent caring for a client, time spent driving, demographic data for clients and caregivers. You will have everything you need to operate at the highest level and make data-driven business decisions.

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