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Home Care integrated payment processing

Make chasing payments a thing of the past with SMART, fast, integrated payment processing.

Why wait 2 weeks, when you can collect payments in 2 days?

Are you ready to say goodbye to lengthy payment processing and reconciliations? Smartcare’s fully integrated scheduling software enables you to receive electronic payments from everyone. 

One-click payment processing with an automatic reconciliation of invoices works like a dream and reduces your admin workload by 80%. Now that’s a SMART move!

Integrated merchant payment processing by Smartcare reduces your back-office admin and makes work life easier. No more printing paper invoices, mailing envelopes, or paying for stamps.  Smartcare gives you a fast, efficient, easy-to-use online platform to make billing and collecting payments a breeze. 

Take customer credit cards and ACH bank transactions right through our invoicing system and get back the time you spend processing payments in one simple click. It really is as EASY as that!

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payment processing. Caregiver solutions - smartcare software

No hassle, fast, intuitive payment processing in just one click!

Smartcare’s complete home care scheduling, billing, and payment processing system has been designed by caregivers for caregivers. With a deep understanding of home care agency workflow, we’ve thought about every pinch point to streamline your operations. 

Our electronic payment solution makes time-consuming over-the-phone payment processing a thing of the past and enables you to receive faster payments from multiple payers. Make payment reconciliations in minutes, instead of hours!

Be SMART. Win back valuable time so that you can focus on your staff, your clients, and growing your business. Success is in your hands with SMARTCare. 

  • One-click processing
  • Preferred Merchant Rates
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Reduce Accounts Receivables
  • Safe and Secure – the payment industry’s top security standard is incorporated into Smartcare’s payment processing to ensure client information is safe and secure
  • Prioritize and Split Payments – Your payers have the power to easily split payments

Collect payments fast, win back time, eliminate bad debt

Smartcare’s payment processing streamlines the whole collection process. 

If your accounting team prefers Quickbooks, Smartcare is fully integrated with Quickbooks.

Smartcare and Quickbooks make it easy automatically reconciles payments against invoices. 

No more guessing when payments will arrive, no more awkward calls chasing debts, and no more running cheques to the bank. 

Make life a lot easier and empower your agency to work SMARTer. With less admin, you and your staff can concentrate on growing your business.

Clients can view balances and pay through the payment portal with options to automatically pay from a credit card in accordance with your billing cycle. 

Electronic statements save you time and postage. Private payers and insurers enjoy having more payment options and self-service access to statements and receipts online.

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ePayments - Smartcare Software. Electronic payment processing

Less work, improved cashflow, greater success

Electronic payment processing with Smartcare provides a smoothly integrated system for your agency, better cash management and improved experience for your staff and clients.

Back-office operations are a whole lot easier with Smartcare. Optimize your operations and increase your margins. It’s that simple.

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