Using technology to simplify your business


Scalable Technology

SMARTcare is the backbone for your home care business.  A system that scales with your growth and additional business needs.


Home care Innovation

SMARTcare is innovative home care technology.  We are continually evolving the solution platform to ensure your staff is productive and effective at providing home care services. Making your team productive today, tomorrow and always.

Home care Technology

SMARTcare Technology

Technology is at the center of everything we do at SMARTcare.  We use technology to define a simpler way to manage home care.  SMARTcare organizes, optimizes and drives best practices of providing care at home.

Technology is at the heart of what we do, we use technology to optimize and simplify how you manage your home care business.


Fast and Responsive

SMARTcare’s system and team have the fastest response times!  That’s because you need a system that optimizes your staff and not one requiring you to add more staff.


Open & Connected

SMARTcare is an open system that connects to other third-party offering or solutions you have developed on your own.  We make connections to other systems to increase your productivity.  We are always making it easier for your to manage your home care business.