Free up hours of your day with home care software that does it all:

  • Simple, drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Configurable, integrated, and automated billing
  • Payroll with the touch of a button
  • Real-time KPI dashboard with reporting and analytics
  • Caregiver hiring and engagement system with automated rewards
  • And much, much more

All-in-One Cost-Effective Home Care Software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Smartcare’s complete, cloud-based care platform seamlessly brings all your business and care processes into one system, without complicated add-ons or integrations.

    Built with intelligent technology and sophisticated automation, Smartcare includes a dynamic scheduling tool, mobile point-of-care apps, a complete hiring platform with automated communication, caregiver reward toolset, marketing automation and CRM, EVV, custom forms, patient and family portals, predictive analytics, automated invoicing/payroll, electronic billing/payment processing, and real-time reporting insights.

    Smartcare Software is an all-in-one home care software, meaning everything is included in one subscription with no add-ons or hidden fees.

    Smartcare’s intelligent mobile-first platform was built leveraging the latest research in machine learning (ML), gamification, and advanced automation. This allows Smartcare customers to make clear, precise decisions that improve caregiver retention, hiring, client satisfaction, with better outcomes. Paired with Smartcare’s award-winning support, your home care business will run smoothly and be able to truly thrive.

    You will free up hours of your day with Smartcare’s integrated back-office operations, including invoicing and payroll, billing, and scheduling.

    With an average 60% reduction in payroll admin time, Smartcare allows you to complete payroll with the touch of a button. Electronic billing and payment processing with Smartcare is just as easy — With a few simple clicks, send invoices electronically from your mobile, tablet, or desktop, reducing billing workload by 80%. Smartcare also includes an easy-to-use scheduling dashboard that has drag-and-drop capabilities and automation, increasing efficiency by up to 50%.

    At the heart of the Smartcare system is a versatile, user-friendly dashboard that lets you manage your schedule in minutes from a central location.

    Drag-and-drop functionality lets you quickly create and make changes to shifts. And a complete suite of tools supports virtually any scheduling scenario that you need, including automated shift creation. Real-time updates on the schedule keep users informed of the status of every appointment, so you can be sure your caregivers are on time and where they need to be. Smartcare’s caregiver matching algorithms are created with machine learning and are truly unmatched, proven to increase caregiver and client satisfaction.

    Smartcare includes a complete caregiver hiring and retention toolset at no extra cost to you.

    Smartcare’s ENGAGE Hiring Hub approaches hiring from a sales perspective, borrowing the principles of sales pipelines to allow you to create a complete caregiver hiring pipeline. First, it allows your business to make it easy for caregivers to apply, so you will receive more applications more quickly. Then, integrated communication and automatic engagement tools help you keep prospective employees interested and engaged while you easily move them through the pipeline. Everything takes place from within the Smartcare applicant management platform, and when the hiring process is complete, you can turn an applicant to an employee with the click of a button.

    Also included in Smartcare’s core platform is Caregiver Rewards — the industry’s first caregiver gamification system designed to automatically reward caregivers, increasing retention rates. With an increase in caregiver gratification, you will experience lower turnover rates and costs associated with hiring new caregivers. Your caregivers will love Caregiver Rewards.

    Smartcare’s customer success team will be there for you every step of the way. From our dedicated implementation team guiding you through the setup process to our team of technical support specialists that will be available to you after you go live, Smartcare’s Support is truly unmatched. With a 70% or better first-call resolution, your questions will be answered quickly, by a live person, all within the United States.

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    What users say about Smartcare

    “Using Smartcare, we grew our business from 4 clients to over 50 without adding any back-office staff. Smartcare was key to our success in maintaining higher engagement with our staff, caregivers, and clients, allowing us to provide better care with increased customer satisfaction.”
    Mike V.
    Tampa, Florida

    “My caregivers are really happy with Smartcare. We moved from paper and decided to go with Smartcare because of their implementation process. We had a dedicated Smartcare resource holding our hands through the entire process. I was impressed with how easy it was getting started. Thank you, Smartcare.”
    Mary O.
    Detroit, MI

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    Growing Businesses Who Trust Smartcare

    With Smartcare Software, you can:

    • Reduce billing workload by 80%.
    • Reduce payroll admin time by 60%.
    • Increase scheduling efficiency by up to 50%.
    • Reduce time-to-hire by over 40%.
    • Reduce turnover rates by over 30%.
    • Stay connected with a mobile-first app and 99.9999% uptime.