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Incredible features that make running your agency fun! SMARTCare is loaded with useful features, each designed for ease of use. We listen to our users and integrate their requests constantly. SMARTCare is built by our users for our users.

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It’s more than Privacy…It’s about Trust.

Protecting your privacy is a responsibility for every at SMARTcare.  We have made it an integral part of the organizations’ business operations. Privacy of our customers is considered as part of all decision-making, business operations, and application development; it is part of the process and not an afterthought.

Throughout SMARTcare, we understand the importance of data privacy and continually work to ensure data protection is considered in every decision we make.

SMARTcare’s Privacy Philosophy
SMARTcare has established a privacy approach that is designed to direct our work actions and help us honor our commitments to protect your data. The objectives of this program are based on Four principles:

  • Trust – Build and maintain the trust of our customers, partners, and employees.
  • Compliance – Achieve and maintain compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge – Continual education and training to insure everyone understands how to maintain customer privacy.
  • Culture – Foster an organization-wide culture of “Privacy Built-in.”

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