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Complete Home Care Scheduling, Invoicing, and Payroll Platform

Improve operations – Organize, Optimize And Drive Best Practices

SMARTcare’s robust system enables managers and agency executives to spend less time focusing on keeping track of what is going on and more time on how to drive your business and see an increase in profit. Here at SMARTcare, we work with our clients to ensure that we are doing everything to assist our clients in succeeding because your success is our success. SMARTcare is more than a software company we are a partner in business.

SMART Scheduling

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Scheduling, at the heart and soul of your agency operations success.  Your scheduling system should be too. SMARTcare’s scheduling was designed by schedulers for schedulers. Enhanced scheduling aligning to the caregiver’s work preference and a client’s specific needs. SMARTcare’s drag and drop scheduling makes it easy to add new clients and caregivers to the schedule.  Need to cover an open shift use text, email or SMARTcare app to a targeted group of caregivers or everyone on the team with Quick-Click messaging technology.

SMARTcare’s scheduling functionality goes far beyond just matching clients and caregivers with basic characteristics like “non-smoker” or “likes dogs.”  Using SMARTcare’s unique machine learning technology the system finds the right caregiver for the right client, makes recommendations and creates preferred groupings.  Using SMARTcare’s unique matching keep your caregivers and clients happy and increasing your retention.

  • Simple, drag and drop scheduling
  • Text, email, or App Caregiver shift reminders
  • HR recording of shift data direct to staff files
  • Intelligent caregiver recommendations and matching
  • Overtime alerting
  • Real-time alerting, late and missed shifts
  • One-click flexible client/staff schedule views

Out in the field? SMARTcare works where you work.  Use our mobile app real-time scheduling dashboard to make adjust schedules and make changes.  Rescheduling a caregiver in a snap. Now that’s better!

Electronic Billing & Payroll

Flexible, Automated and Simple.

In just minutes complete your billing and payroll with SMARTcare. When it’s time to get paid or pay your team, SMARTcare makes the billing process easy.  Easily process the invoices and calculate payroll from the SMARTcare platform.

Electronic Billing

Take the Headache out of Billing

Let SMARTcare automate your billing process. Simply use our Auto Invoicing system that is designed exclusively for home care billing and process your invoices. The SMARTcare system is flexible to your business needs. Split invoices between multiple payors, multiple formats and handle unique payor requirements. With the click of a button, send invoices electricity, email, or print from SMARTcare or simply move shift data to QuickBooks.

  • Automatic invoicing, get paid faster
  • Split invoices between multiple payers
  • Email or print your branded invoices directly from SMARTcare
  • Receive payments online with our merchant process
  • Payer online payment portal
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Safely and securely store payers and payment methods for auto-processing

Integrated Payment Processing

Simple Invoicing and payment collection, a click away

SMARTcare makes it easier with our fully-integrated merchant payment processing.  No more paper invoices, mailing envelops or paying for stamps.  Take customer credit cards and ACH bank transactions right through our invoicing system and get back the time you spend processing payments.

  • One-click processing
  • Flat Merchant Rates
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Reduce Accounts Receivables
  • Safe and Secure – We used the payment industry’s top security standard to ensure the client’s information is secure.
  • Prioritize and Split payments – Your payers have the power to split payments.

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Payroll Management & Processing

Home care pay rates can be complex, your payroll management software doesn’t have to be that way.  Manage your payroll in minutes with SMARTcare’s advance payroll system designed specifically for home care.  Caregivers are at the heart of your agency, getting them paid is easy with SMARTcare.  SMARTcare is fully configurable for payroll calculations that fit your agency. Flexible multi-tiered to support unlimited pay rates and rules for both private and public payers.  Integrated with our preferred payroll processing partner or use your own with SMARTcare’s easy to export payroll calculations. Offer multiple pay rates per employee customizable to the payer, contract, or client.  Track overtime, travel time, vacation, holidays, in-servicing, and more with one easy to use the system.

  • Unlimited pay rates
  • Home care specific payroll tracking
  • Zero to gross payroll calculations
  • Process payroll with SMARTcare
  • Export to payroll provider of your choice
  • Complete payroll analytics and reports
a folder with the word payroll written on the label
A young man and woman looking at a computer monitor and discussing work

Client Coordination

Interoperable integrated care coordination. SMARTcare seamlessly brings your care workers, scheduling and invoicing into one system. This fully integrated system provides all the functionality you need to manage and organize your clients. You can be sure that you have the best team working together in order to provide the highest level of care for your clients. Enable your caregivers to provide care for clients on a more personal level.

  • Client preferences
  • Location-based assignments
  • Daily schedule alerting
  • Telephony capabilities

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