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Caregiver & Home Care Scheduling

Stay on top of client scheduling with advanced rapid scheduling dashboard where you have full access to everything needed to deliver best practices in care.

Smartcare Schedulers Increase Their Efficiency by up to 50%.

Smartcare has an easy-to-use scheduling dashboard that has drag-and-drop capabilities to streamline the scheduling and caregiver planning process. You will have the ability to automate the caregiver notification process so that all of your caregivers get their daily schedule at the same time every day. Post and manage open shifts with automatic notifications so you will never miss a shift change.

Spend Less Time Planning

Schedulers are the heart of an agency’s team.  You are the master of change management!  You make the perfect client/caregiver match in order to drive satisfaction; while dealing with missed shifts, sick caregivers, and client schedule changes to fill all open shifts quickly.

Smartcare’s Intelligent Scheduling

Smartcare makes it easy to connect the dots with the latest technology. Match the right caregiver to the right client/patient every time.  Smartcare’s intelligent scheduling system takes the hassle out of a complex schedule. With our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard we make scheduling easy. Managing scheduling changes at the last minute is a breeze with our intelligent system.

Caregiver Schedulers - Smartcare Software App

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