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Advanced Caregiver Functionality Made Simple.

You became a caregiver to help people not to become a software expert.  SMARTcare’s point-of-care solution takes the hassle out of care management.  It’s everything you need, exactly when you need it, and nothing you don’t. All at the touch of your finger with the industry’s most easy to understand workflow.  An intuitive user-friendly system that doesn’t require hours of training.  Quick access to care plans, client/patient data, medications, physician notes, and insights that help you deliver the best care.

Care Recipients & Family Members

SMARTcare is bridging the gap between the caregiver and the client by working to help create those personal connections to drive caregiver satisfaction and better care outcomes.

Agency Executive & Leadership

Leverage SMARTcare Software to making better business decisions and grow your company.

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Invoicing and Accountants

SMARTcare has a great billing system in place to simplify billing your clients and splitting up your client's bills between insurance and other payers.

Information Technologists

IT professionals have a lot to manage on a daily basis. With SMARTcare software we take care of the upkeep and management of the software.

Caregivers & Nurses

SMARTcare puts everything you need at the tips of your fingers with our powerful mobile application. Spend less time filling out notes and more time treating and connecting with your patients.

Sales and Marketing

Track your business's key performance indicators and see what markets you are missing out on with our complete home care management solution.

“SmartCare is a great software system! Everything you need for running a successful business is within this system. The site is easy to navigate and the staff are beyond helpful with any questions you may have.”


HR & Recruiters

SMARTcare's intelligent applicant lead management process allows you to spend less time entering people's information and reviewing a resume and more time training the best caregivers you can find.

Agency Owners

You have a lot of tasks to manage on a daily basis, leverage our fully capable home care management solution to simplify your life and help grow your business.


We pride ourselves on having an industry-leading scheduling dashboard that is not only powerful but also easy to use. SMARTcare puts all the information you need in one place.

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