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Payroll is a snap with Smartcare – process employee pay in minutes.

Home care pay rates can be complex, but your payroll management software doesn’t have to be. Manage your payroll in minutes with Smartcare’s advanced payroll system designed specifically for home care agencies.

Smartcare makes non-standard payroll processes easy.  No more payroll processing headaches. With just a few clicks from your dashboard, you can run payroll reports, approve pay and send them to the payroll provider of your choice. Manage and automate payroll effortlessly. It’s that easy! 

The Smartcare system enables multiple pay rates per employee and is customizable to the payer, contract, or client. Track overtime, travel time, expenses, vacation, holidays, in-servicing, and more with one easy-to-use solution.

  • Unlimited pay rates
  • Home care-specific payroll tracking
  • Zero to gross payroll calculations
  • Process payroll with Smartcare
  • Export to payroll provider of your choice
  • Secure, fully encrypted data 
  • Complete payroll analytics and reports
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Efficient, error-free payroll management and processing designed by care providers for care providers. Smartcare makes payroll administration easier, quicker, secure, and compliant. Accessible on your browser, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, which means you can update and manage payroll anytime, wherever you are.

Fully configurable system to ensure payroll calculations fit your agency. There’s absolutely no need to make compromises or manage multiple spreadsheets to square your agency’s quirks.

Advanced payroll analytics gives you insights into your staffing costs. Extensive reporting helps you spot trends. Run payroll reports with just one click and get a birds-eye view of your staffing costs. Make those all-important decisions to support the future growth of your business.

Smartcare has been designed to make it very easy for home care agencies to schedule, track employee time, and process payroll seamlessly in a few clicks. It’s that simple!

Why do you need Smartcare payroll management and processing?

  • Improve accuracy
  • Stay compliant
  • Improve reporting and analytics
  • Make life simpler with a single set of data
  • Save money, save time, and make your life easier
  • Pay your valued staff accurately and on time
  • Set up is a breeze

Providers using Smartcare typically see over a 60% reduction in payroll admin time. That’s hours saved on back-office activities. We believe the SMARTer your platform, the more time you have to interact with your caregivers, retain staff, and win new business.

What our customers say about Smartcare’s payroll management and processing “Smartcare changed how I viewed payroll processing. Before Smartcare, I would dread the weekly task of processing my caregivers pay. Now I can quickly process payroll in a few clicks and send it directly to my payroll provider from Smartcare. This has saved me over 75% of my payroll processing time each week. Thank you Smartcare!” Angie M. Boston, MA

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