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Hear from Aaniie’s leadership team and read their perspectives on technology in care settings.

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Personal Insights
Six Top Tips for Post-Implementation

Hear from Robert Smith, COO of Aaniie (formerly Smartcare), on his expertise on implementation, along with tips for what successful care agencies do post-implementation.

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The Potential of AI in Home Care

Hear from William “Bill” Mattle, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Aaniie (formerly Smartcare), to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will focus on how Smartcare’s CPO views the potential of AI in home care while allowing him to reflect on Smartcare’s current AI applications and future plans.

Understanding the differences between Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Electronic Claims Submissions (eBilling)

Hear from Katie Ortell, Subject Matter Expert, to discuss the differences between EVV and eBilling, and how Aaniie is equipped to handle both while improving workflow.

The Value of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System in Home Care

Hear from Scott Zielski, Co-founder and CEO of Aaniie (formerly Smartcare), to discuss how a single, unified system can replace everything you currently use, will work across your entire organization, is quick and easy to implement, can be customized to your specific needs, and will maximize your business’s efficiency and profitability from day one.

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Scheduling Secrets from a Savvy Scheduler

Hear from Katie Ortell, Subject Matter Expert, to discuss the secrets to creating and maintaining a winning home care schedule for optimal caregiver/client satisfaction and retention.

Making the Switch: Moving from Paper to a Home Care Software Platform

Worried about moving away from the tried-and-true paper process? There’s no need to be! Find out how adopting a home care software platform can significantly benefit your business.

The COO’s Guide to Implementing a New Home Care Software Platform

Whether you are in the research stages of choosing new software or have started the process of switching technologies, there are many things to consider — some of which you may not think of immediately.

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How Acute Care Inspired Us to Start a Home Care Software Company

In our new series, hear from Scott Zielski, CEO of Aaniie (formerly Smartcare Software), about his experiences and insights related to the home care industry.

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