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Rewards Made Easy for Caregivers

Caregiver Rewards is an easy and fun solution for engaging and retaining caregivers.

Caregiver Rewards by Smartcare

Optimize your caregiver’s experience with the industry’s first embedded loyalty system – Caregiver Rewards by Smartcare Software. Providers using Smartcare achieve up to 3X improved caregiver retention over the industry average.

Caregiver Rewards leverages gamification principles to make the job fun. By offering tailored rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, such as clocking in on time or picking up an extra shift, Caregiver Rewards helps meet the goals of each care provider.

Leaderboards and customized badges further boost performance, as well as create a laser focus on caregiver success and KPIs in your organization.

But the secret sauce of Caregiver Rewards is integration. Points and rewards are automated to make them consistent and manageable without ever leaving your system – ultimately improving caregiver retention rates.

Engaged caregivers = higher retention = better-quality care = satisfied clients.

Engage & Retain Your Caregivers

Recognition and reward are powerful tools, crucial for retaining top talent and keeping your caregivers happy. Using gamification principles, Caregiver Rewards utilizes embedded loyalty tools to make the job more than a paycheck.

Caregiver Rewards is included in Smartcare’s innovative, complete home care software, putting you in complete control to achieve the highest engagement and retention levels in the market.

Configurable rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, like clocking in on time and picking up extra shifts, will help you unlock the solutions to caregiver scheduling, while also solving a wide range of engagement and retention challenges.

Smartcare’s multi-faceted Caregiver Retention Toolset is designed to keep caregivers connected, engaged, and motivated.

  • Caregiver Rewards — the industry’s first completely embedded caregiver engagement system featuring gamification principles to make the job fun
  • 360-degree satisfaction tracking to monitor BOTH client and caregiver satisfaction
  • Superior caregiver/client matching algorithms to strengthen bonds and improve retention
  • Leaderboards and badges to create a team environment and friendly competition, further cementing caregiver retention 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With Caregiver Rewards, you can offer tailored rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, such as clocking in on time or picking up an extra shift. 

Rewards are endless and customizable, so you can add as many rewards as you would like to provide — from Starbucks gift cards to paid days off. 

Once a caregiver earns a predetermined amount of points, they can redeem them for a reward of their choice. This makes rewarding your caregivers consistent and manageable  – ultimately improving caregiver retention rates.

Caregiver Rewards are included in Smartcare’s all-in-one care platform subscription, making rewarding your caregivers easy and manageable.

Badges are completely configurable, so you can create as many badges as you want. Just choose a style and the color scheme and enter your text. Hundreds of completely unique badges are at your fingertips!

Rewarded caregivers are more likely to feel appreciated, which impacts positively on overall satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

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