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Caregiver Management

Increase Caregiver Productivity and Satisfaction with Aaniie’s Easy-to-Use Home Care Software

Improving the provider and caregiver relationship

Aaniie (formerly Smartcare Software)’s easy-to-use home care solution allows agency owners and schedulers to track, manage, and update their caregivers at a moment’s notice. Provide caregivers with everything they need, including daily schedule updates, driving directions, task lists, and more with Aaniie’s easy-to-use point-of-care app.

 “Our caregivers love the Smartcare app because it makes it easier for them to do their tasks. And since there are no glitches, it gives them more quality time to spend with their clients. All of the feedback that I’ve gotten from our caregivers is that they love this app much more than what we were using before. It’s easier to use and navigate, add their notes, go through their tasks, check them off, and get signatures.”

Randy Rhames, Questcare Home Health
Caregiver Management - Smartcare Software

Smart Mobile Application

Aaniie’s mobile application for home care professionals allows for all the functionality of our full software at the touch of your fingers via a smartphone. Caregivers will have the ability to clock in and out of their shifts with ease and agency executives and planners can monitor and update information on the go.

Easily Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Aaniie is designed for those on the go. With the mobile app, caregivers have access to all the details needed to perform their care at their fingertips — with or without internet access. The easy-to-use app is also proven to increase caregiver engagement and job satisfaction.

Employees will also have access to company documents such as handbooks and standards on their phones without needing to ask their managers. Empower your caregivers to be independent and confident when clients are asking questions that require looking into.

Empower Your Caregivers

Engage your caregivers with easy access to all their job details.  Higher engaged caregivers drive better satisfaction and improved care. Caregivers have access to their schedules, shift details, and care plans wherever they are through the Aaniie mobile app.

Driving Directions

Easy access to driving directions from their current location to the next client’s home. Using Google Maps caregivers have where to go next at their fingertips.

home care software with driving directions, mileage, and EVV verification
Smartcare scheduling dashboard

Visible Caregiver Visit Verification

Since all care is recorded in real-time, care managers are constantly updated with caregivers’ whereabouts, increasing each resident’s well-being while making it easy to coordinate daily operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

Across the Nation, Smartcare is helping agencies stay EVV compliant, empower caregivers, and improve workflow. Learn more »

Caregiver Rewards = Caregiver Retention

Caregiver Rewards leverages gamification principles to make the job fun. By offering tailored rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, such as clocking in on time or picking up an extra shift, Caregiver Rewards helps meet the goals of each care provider. Set up automated triggers to award points that caregivers can redeem for rewards such as gift cards or paid time off.

“It differentiates us. I think that’s the biggest thing. Our competitors may give a gift card here and there, but it’s not an organized effort. With Caregiver Rewards, there are automatic triggers, and caregivers know they can earn points and see what they can do with the points. It needs to be a concerted effort within a system that consistently rewards the caregivers for optimum performance. Caregiver Rewards was exactly what we needed.”

Bob Swadkins, Golden Heart Summerlin

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Caregiver Hiring Made Easy with Application Tracking

Finding the right caregivers for your team is the difference between being an average or good business and becoming a great business. Aaniie’s intelligent caregiver application tracking system makes finding the right caregivers easy, simplifying your hiring and onboarding processes.

When you find the right candidate, Aaniie takes the hard work out — all their information is automatically transferred to their HR file, saving you time. Easily access the candidate’s application and pre-employment testing, and speed up your hiring process with Aaniie.

Aaniie’s applicant tracking system has flexibility built-in, because your agency is unique and your processes should be too. We allow you to customize your online hiring flow to better focus you’re recruiting strategy, hiring more caregivers more quickly.

Recruit & Hire More Caregivers with ENGAGE Hiring Hub

Employment Screening

Utilize our integrated background checking to make sure you are hiring the best people for your agency. Using pre-employment testing further gives you the ability to check an applicant’s qualifications before contacting them. This can increase your hiring success rate by over 52% versus the national average.

Not only can you make sure you are hiring quality caregivers but you can also hire people who will provide tax credits for your business. With our integrated WOTC partners, you will be able to see if your employees and applicants are qualified for a tax credit.

caregiver pre-employement screening and background checking

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