Who We Are

Our roots are in homecare

Our SMARTcare Story

SMARTcare software was built from the ground up inside a homecare agency!  Back then, we tried several of the largest systems available; none of them met our needs and all of them had their own set of problems.  So, we set off to create a software platform that actually worked for the homecare agency.  We worked with agency owners and caregivers that really understood the homecare market and what was important to create SMARTcare.  We shared our success, expanding the use of our SMARTcare software to other homecare agencies. We continued to incorporate agency feedback into the system as we added agency partners. We continue to do so today, recognizing that it is the agencies that use our solution that make it successful. We work with our customers to constantly gather feedback and suggestions and update SMARTcare regularly today to ensure SMARTcare includes the functions and features that homecare agencies want and need, while not adding a lot of unnecessary complexity. “Ease of use” is one of tenants that serves as a foundation for the solution and its design.

At SMARTcare we specialize in helping homecare agencies efficiently and effectively run their business so you can focus on other more important things like the client, patients and their family. We know homecare and home care software!  Once you experience SMARTcare, you will see the difference our commitment to your success will make for your agency.

SMARTcare currently has offices in:

Chippewa Falls, WI

Eau Claire, WI

Chicago, IL

Las Vegas, NV

Our Vision

Homecare Excellence

Our vision is to help our customers achieve homecare excellence. SMARTcare is MORE than software. SMARTcare was developed by agency owners and caregivers dedicated to the belief that our product can deliver more than software for home care agency management:

  • We deliver time. Hours saved on back office activities means time to do what you love, whether that is time dedicated to agency development and growth, time to spend visiting with your customers and their families. Perhaps time means having the freedom to make it home for family dinner or to take a bike ride, put in more hours volunteering or maybe it means taking that once in a life time vacation.
  • We deliver bottom-line growth. Improved efficiency in your agency’s back office means better resource allocation to activities that build your business, improved customer care, development of referral sources and client testimonials. Marketing tools, pipeline tracking and reporting provide proven business development strategies and unrivaled technology to grow your top and bottom-line.
  • We deliver true partnership. Beyond providing cutting edge technology and support for your home care agency. We are the team of people that you will work with to develop your go-to-market strategy, to take your business to the next level, to track your progress, to provide feedback and support, and to celebrate your success.

Chippewa Valley is our Home

SMARTcare calls Chippewa Valley our home.  The Chippewa Valley community is just a short distance from Minneapolis and home to great year-round fun.  We honor our technology past where Seymour Cray got his start with Cray super computer.  We have continued focus on balancing work with a great family friendly city and an affordable cost of living.  While we are headquartered in Wisconsin we are open to a virtual workforce. We support our team members living where they can make the best contribution to our company and their local communities around the country. We allow our team members to stay in their homes just as homecare helps seniors stay in their homes.

Chippewa Valley

We promised to be better… and delivered

Here's what our customers say about us...

  • “SmartCare has allowed us to run our operations more smoothly and much quicker which has allowed us to devote more time to meeting with clients and marketing. Having worked with other software before using SmartCare, I can unequivocally say that it is superior and has helped us gain an advantage over our competitors.”
    Adam S. Agency Owner, Charlotte, NC
  • “We couldn’t be happier after moving to the SMARTcare system. It’s was so much easier to use than our previous platform. The SMARTcare team delivered on giving us everything we needed at one affordable price. My team is so much more efficient using the system that I have been able to refocus on growing my business and finding new clients.”
    Zoe M. Customer, Houston, TX
  • “SMARTcare has been with us from the start, they made it easy for us to get a home care scheduling and EVV system without a lot of cost. As we grew, SMARTcare grew with us and helped make our business more profitable.”
    Shawn T. Customer, California