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“We have been using SMARTcare for 3 years and love it! Our caregiver engagement is outstanding and SMARTcare’s integrated tools help us hold on to our care team.” 

–  Tim N, Chicago, IL

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To simplify the world of home healthcare through technology, data-driven solutions, and insights that empower providers and caregivers in improving care.


Providing easy of access to a complete home healthcare platform that improves the operations of providers and caregivers, empowering them to deliver care with operational efficiency.

About SMARTcare

Our roots are in home care. SMARTcare was developed by caregivers for caregivers. We understand what it takes to be successful in home care.  Our software is SMART, intuitive, and easy to use in order to keep your business operating as smooth as possible.


SMARTcare is MORE than software. In fact, we often say it’s not about the software.  It’s about improving the experience and care of those that use our solution every day and those they care for.  SMARTcare was developed by agency owners and caregivers dedicated to the belief that a company can deliver more than home care software. We founded SMARTcare on the belief that we have a duty to our parents and grandparents to ensure that the generations that came before us age with dignity; with home care that meets their needs, provides comfort, is convenient and delivers the best care experience possible.

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Our SMARTcare Story


The SMARTcare platform came to live over a decade ago.  Back then, we too were running very successful private duty agencies across the US. We wanted to deliver the best care through best practices and operational efficiencies by using technology.  So, we tried several home care software solutions, some of the largest systems available in the industry.  None of them met our needs and all of them had their own set usability issues and workflow challenges. They lacked simplicity, caregiver focus and didn’t provide a complete all in one platform for home care.  We believed there was a better way possible. A better, simpler solution could be built around the caregiver for caregivers to help them provide the best care possible.   A system that was simple to use yet had deep intelligence.  We knew then it wasn’t about the software that was important, it was the human connection and how a solution could improve care.


So, we set off on our journey to create a better home care platform.  A solution that provided a complete platform for home care that actually worked for home care. Something that was simply better.  A solution that could help us deliver best practices in home care and drive improved care outcomes.


We reached out to other agencies and owners. Using human design thinking we put ourselves in the shoes of the providers, caregivers, the patients and their families.  We worked with home care professionals and caregivers that really understood the homecare market and what best practices of care looked like. We engaged their caregivers to really understood the home care needs and what was most important to the users to create the foundation of SMARTcare.  We built SMARTcare from the ground up, continually improving it with every caregiver and staff input we received.


This became the foundation from which we to create SMARTcare.  We shared our success, continued to take direct design feedback expanding the use of our SMARTcare software to other homecare providers across the nation pulling in regional care practices. Adding providers from small independent home care agency start-ups to multi-site, well established national home care franchisors. We continued to incorporate provider and caregiver feedback into the system as we added more and more partners.


Today, we continued to incorporate caregiver and agency operations feedback into the system as we added home care partners. Still recognizing that it is the home care providers that use our solution that make it successful. We have become the trusted leader providing an affordable all-in-one foundational platform for home care.


We work with our customers to constantly gather feedback and suggestions and update SMARTcare regularly today to ensure SMARTcare includes the functions and features that homecare agencies want and need, while not adding a lot of unnecessary complexity. “Ease of use” and “Flexibility” are tenants that serves as a foundation for the solution and its design.


At SMARTcare we specialize in helping homecare agencies efficiently and effectively run their business so you can focus on other more important things like the client, patients and their family. We have learned what matters and matters most for a successful home care business solution!


Once you experience SMARTcare, you will see the difference our commitment to your success will make for your agency.

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