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Smarter Software for Child Care

Connecting families with the care they need

Coming Soon! Your All-in-One Child Care Platform

Aaniie Kids powers child caregiver requests and management with instant placements, communication, scheduling, lead management, billing, and payroll – all in a single user-friendly platform that is proven to deepen caregiver and family satisfaction and retention.

  • Manage care requests, automate communications, and easily schedule care in minutes
  • Securely communicate with families and caregivers
  • Automate scheduling, billing, and payroll processes – saving hours
  • Integrate with background-checking solutions
Aaniie Kids is completely customized for childcare, securely connecting the family, caregiver, and provider together.

Give families what they need:

  • Fast response to care requests
  • Easy care requests, whether it’s one time or a consistent care schedule
  • Confident placements with engaging caregiver biographies
  • Advanced Machine Learning custom matching for children and caregivers
  • Secure, frequent communications with caregivers and the agency
  • Tasks lists with real-time updates

Give staff what they expect:

  • Quick job placement 
  • Geographic scheduling preferences
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • One place to go for everything
  • Simple family communication
  • Integrated rewards and recognition

One login for everything you need

No more managing different apps and logins! With one role-specific login, each level in your company can access the information they need. Providers can manage leads, book caregiver placements, engage families, and run their childcare business from a computer, tablet, or phone. Caregivers can access their schedule, shift details, and more using Aaniie’s best-in-class point-of-care app. Plus, families can communicate with providers, schedule care, and pay their bills — all from Aaniie’s Family Portal.

  • Lead management
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Instant placement
  • Caregiver profiles
  • Secure messaging
  • Family portal
  • Background checks

Accomplish More with Aaniie Kids

More Time
Get back hours in your day by automating manual work, from communication and scheduling to billing and payroll.

Better Placements
Easily match caregivers with families with Aaniie’s custom matching criteria with specified geographical regions, powered by Machine Learning.

Increased Retention
Increase family and caregiver retention with Aaniie’s easy-to-use app and Family Portal. Plus, an integrated rewards program increases caregiver engagement and longevity.

More Freedom
Streamline and manage childcare operations on any device, from anywhere. Easily verify your caregivers are where they need to be with real-time visit verification.

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