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Insights & Business Intelligence (BI)

Quickly visualize, analyze agency trends, leveraging data to help you make clear business decisions.

Insights & Business Intelligence (BI)

Insights & Business Intelligence (BI)

Smartcare deep Insights and Business Intelligence (BI) gives you the answers to critical questions without adding complexity or increasing your workload.

All included with your Smartcare platform subscription, visualize trends with customizable KPI dashboards getting access to the metrics needed to ensure your agency’s success.

Fully Integrated
Plan Growth Strategy

Quickly answer critical business questions without the complexity and plan your growth strategy.

Easy To Use
Improve Operations

Key analytic solutions offer multiple insights into helping improve care operations.

SMARTer Scheduling
Monitor Progress

Real-time and historical views show progress toward improvement goals

Quickly Mitigate issues

Real-time alerting helps identify issues before they impact care and client satisfaction.

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Easily understand all the information you need to succeed in home care and grow your business.

Smartcare provides actionable data that can be leveraged to make data-driven business decisions as well as care treatment decisions for your clients.

When determining if your business is performing as well as it can and should be, don’t just take people’s word for it, utilize past data and see the improvement firsthand.

  • Detailed Financials
  • Client Metrics & KPIs
  • Client Lead Flow
  • Enterprise and multi-site overview
  • Improved Retention Rates
  • And much more…..

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