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A Complete Home Care Platform with Just the Right Amount
of Everything Designed by Caregivers for Caregivers, that’s why when it comes
to caregiver retention, SMARTcare’s agencies lead the market.

It’s not all about the software, it’s the human connection. SMARTcare is the complete home care platform with just the right amount of everything to help you

Out Market Your Competition,

Deliver Best Practices In Care, And

Elevate Client/Caregiver Engagement.


Achieve better outcomes, higher satisfaction, and increase caregiver retention with a system that supports your business and its goals.

“Retaining caregivers is such a challenge today. We are really pleased to have found SMARTcare to help us achieve caregiver retention rates that are over twice as good as other agencies we compete against in our market. SMARTcare engagement tools and secure chatting lets us maintain a connection with our remote teams. I don’t know what I would do without SMARTcare.”

– Adalynn T. Austin, TX.

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Advanced Sales & Marketing Suite

Build your pipeline and track referrals and advertising campaigns while doubling your lead generation. Best-in-class marketing tools all within SMARTcare.

Mobile App

Enhance your care team’s engagement. Everything’s at your fingertips with SMARTcare’s mobile app. Review your schedule, clock in/out and chat with your team and much more. Stay on the go with SMARTcare’s mobile Apps.

Family Portal & Engagement

Connected, engaged, and satisfied. Everything you need to enhance your caregiver and client engagement experience with user-specific mobile apps and family portals.

Back Office

Organize, optimize, and drive best practices. SMARTcare’s complete front and back-office suite for intuitive scheduling, electronic billing, invoicing, and payroll in one fully integrated system.

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Caregiver Management

Improve the client and caregiver relationship. Increase your team’s engagement and retain your caregivers. SMARTcare’s agencies lead the industry with caregiver retention.

Intelligent Operations

Improve your customer's outcomes and satisfaction with powerful functionality that supports your business growth.

Strategic Partnerships

We create lasting partnerships and lead your corporation to new levels of success with SMARTcare’s corporate partnership solution, individually tailored to your business.

Integrations & Interoperability

Access, connect and become interoperable with your other businesses-critical software systems and tools through SMARTcare using the most complete home care solution on the market today.

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