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Home Care Software Integrations and Interoperability

Listed below are some of the wonderful tools that we integrate with.

Smartcare knows that running and maintaining a home care agency can be challenging and busy. This is why we have made the effort to integrate solutions that will make your lives easier. We work with and have partnerships for pre-employment screening and testing as well as tax credit verification. There is much more to our integrations and interoperability, to learn more continue scrolling.

Interoperability is Ongoing.

Interoperability between homecare information technology solutions, wearables, video monitoring, and other critical functionality is an awesome thing. We want cutting-edge full connectivity for your home care agency to improve operations, quality, and productivity.  In the end, if we are better connected, our clients will be better served and everyone benefits from caregiver to patient. That is why Smartcare software is open, connected, and looking to expand our technology partnerships with those interested in the home care space.   We have and will continue to create tight connections with other back-office and healthcare information technology systems important to your business’s success.

Flexible, Easy Payroll Processing

Manage your payroll in minutes with Smartcare’s advanced payroll system designed specifically for home care.  Caregivers are at the heart of your agency, and getting them paid is easy with Smartcare.  Smartcare is fully configurable for payroll calculations that fit your agency.  Flexible multi-tiered payroll support using our system or the third-party payroll company that is right for you.

Caregiver and Employee Background Checks

One-click background checking.  Integrated background checking solution that allows you to ensure that you are hiring the best caregivers for your business and for your clients. Fully integrated with historical records directly to the HR file.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Make better hires using caregiver and staff-specific pre-employment screening tools. Increase your hiring success by over 52% vs the national average and have employees that are 295 more productive.

Automated Invoicing

In just minutes complete your billing with Smartcare.  With the click of a button, send invoices electronically, email, or print from Smartcare or simply move shift data to QuickBooks.  Processing invoices is easy with Smartcare

Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Smartcare is fully integrated to quickly process your WOTC qualifications during application and report wage information.  Get money back if your employee qualifies for WOTC.

Caregiver Training & Compliance

Enhance your caregiver recruiting, onboarding continued training, and retention with training that can be taken on the go.  Use integrated care training to meet your state training, payer, or client requirements.

Reduce Turnover

Assess potential caregiver candidates before you hire.  Use tools that have been shown to reduce turnover by over 48% on average in high turnover environments like home care.

GPS and Geofencing

Simple and easily find directions, verify caregiver location and interact seamlessly with map clients with Google Maps and Google GPS.

Electronic Claims

Get paid faster — process your Medicaid, Veterans Administration, LTCi, and other third-party payers simply.

Merchant Services

Accept payments and get paid quickly with integrated merchant services.  You will be able to set up ACH payments or take CC payments directly through Smartcare.

Electronic Document Signing

Smartcare integrated electronic document signing within the final storage back to Smartcare. Utilize this our integrated electronic document signing tool to digitally sign documents, meeting all legal certifications of a signature.

Electronic Visit Verification

Stay compliant with Smartcare’s EVV solution and integration to State specific EVV.  We integrate with state-mandated EVV providers and aggregators.

Messaging, Voice

Smartcare is integrated with the leading cloud communications platform to enable messaging and voice through the Smartcare solution.

Learning Management Systems

Track your caregiver’s continual learning, upcoming and outstanding training courses, or other learning development programs with Smartcare’s integrated solutions.

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