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Why Us

It’s More Than Software…
It’s a Human Connection

Smartcare was founded by caregivers and agency owners, for caregivers and agency owners. We know your business, what challenges you face and what success looks like in home care.

We go beyond just making your business more efficient and organized with a system that enables the highest levels of client and caregiver engagement. A system that delivers better outcomes for everyone.

Why We are Different

Smartcare Software - Why Us - Simply Better

Simply Better

A people and business-centric approach to home care. It’s not about the software, It’ our people that make the difference. It’s our people you interact with at Smartcare. We believe in BETTER through continual improvement in everything we do.

Smartcare Software - Why Us - Passionate


We are driven to continually improve; obsessed with exceeding expectations, and are inspired by helping those around us and our customers succeed.

Smartcare Software - Why Us - Simply Better


We believe nothing grows without strong roots. We honor our history of founding our technology in a home care agency. We treat everyone as family and aim to become a valuable asset in every home care agency partnership we touch.

Smartcare Software - Why Us - Passionate


We believe positive change comes from focused and deliberate actions. Our passion is founded in serving others and maintaining the highest quality standards in all that we do.

Smartcare Software - Why Us - Simply Better


We believe in the power of personal growth and that success is contagious. We challenge ourselves, stretch our thinking and achieve more than others think is possible.

“Retaining caregivers is such a challenge today. We are really pleased to have found Smartcare to help us achieve caregiver retention rates that are over twice as good as other agencies we compete against in our market. Smartcare engagement tools and secure chatting lets us maintain a connection with our remote teams. I don’t know what I would do without Smartcare.”

Adalynn T. Austin, TX.

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Goals We Deliver

We are paying special attention to the social aspects of home care wellbeing.  There are many emotional health factors that can significantly impact the physical health and satisfaction of those in our care.   We use our technology to capture more data that allows us to provide better insights to care connecting the providers, patients, and families.  The human aspect is always there with Smartcare solutions.

Improved efficiency in your agency’s back office means better resource allocation to activities that build your business, improved customer care, development of referral sources and client testimonials. Home care providers using Smartcare see industry-leading profitability levels. Caregiver retention tools, marketing instruments, pipeline tracking, and reporting provide proven business development strategies and unrivaled technology to grow your top and bottom-line.

Beyond providing cutting edge technology and support for your home care agency. We are the team of people that you will work with to develop your go-to-market strategy, to take your business to the next level, to track your progress, to provide feedback and support, and to celebrate your success.

Hours saved on back-office activities mean time to do what you love, whether that is time dedicated to agency development and growth, time to spend visiting with your customers and their families. Providers using Smartcare typically see over 60% reduction in time. Perhaps time means having the freedom to make it home for family dinner or to take a bike ride, put in more hours volunteering or maybe it means taking that once in a lifetime vacation.