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Home Care Scheduling – Caregiver Scheduling App

Easy-to-use caregiver scheduling with advanced flexibility to make scheduling a breeze.

Innovative, Dynamic Scheduling for Smarter Care

Smartcare’s one-click robust scheduling enables your managers and agency executives to spend less time trying to keep track and more time focusing on driving your business forward, increasing profit. 

Smartcare includes an entirely configurable, user-friendly scheduling system to help you get your people connected and your business ahead of the crowd.

Smartcare scheduling dashboard

Scheduling — the heart & soul of home care success

Smarter scheduling aligns the caregiver’s work preference with a client’s specific needs. Smartcare’s drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to add new clients and caregivers to the schedule.  

Need to cover an open shift? With Smartcare’s Quick-Click messaging and chat technology, simply use text, email, or the Smartcare app to connect with a targeted group of caregivers or everyone on the team. 

Smartcare’s scheduling functionality goes far beyond just matching clients and caregivers with basic characteristics like “non-smoker” or “likes dogs.”  Using Smartcare’s exclusive machine learning technology, the system finds the right caregiver for the right client every time, making recommendations and creating preferred groupings. Smartcare’s unique matching keeps your caregivers and clients happy, increasing your client and caregiver retention. It’s that easy!

  • Simple, Quick Scheduling – One-click AND drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Quickly ID Shift Issues – Visualized color-coding and icon indicators
  • Minimize Missed Shifts – Text, email, chat, or message caregiver shift reminders
  • Automate Documentation  – Auto recording of shift data direct to staff files
  • Increase Satisfaction – Intelligent caregiver recommendations and matching
  • Control Costs – Overtime alerting, travel, and wage insights
  • Cover Shifts Instantly – Availability, compatibility, and geographical location information at your fingertips
  • Stay Informed – Real-time alerting, late and missed shifts
  • Custom Views – One-click flexible client/staff schedule, and custom views

Out in the field? Smartcare works where you work. 

Our mobile app‘s scheduling dashboard allows you to create and adjust schedules and make changes in real-time. Reschedule a shift in a snap. Complete scheduling power at your fingertips. Now that’s smart!

Best home care scheduling platform Smartcare Software

Smartcare takes the hard work out of Scheduling

Home care scheduling from anywhere with Smartcare

Manage shifts and communicate with your employees, reduce costs, and save time.

Smartcare offers one central, no-nonsense hub for your business.

No more juggling complex scheduling software, spreadsheets or time-consuming tasks to ensure shift cover. Save time and maximize the human connection with our SMART Scheduling tools.

Gain complete visibility of your business from our one-stop scheduling dashboard. Make those important scheduling decisions in an instant.

Organize, optimize, and simplify care.

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