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Invoicing and Accountants

Fully Integrated. Customizable accounting platform designed specifically for home care so you get accounting done faster and accurately every time.

Caregiver Payment

With each shift and each caregiver, you can designate how they will be paid whether it is hourly or a flat daily rate. This simplifies the process of determining how much you owe each and every caregiver at the end of each pay period.

Client care payment

Each client can have a designated payment method, whether their home care is going to be covered by Medicaid or the VA, or if the client’s family members are going to be paying for the care that can all be determined and defined within the software.

Invoicing and Accountants
Smartcare’s Invoicing - Smartcare Software App

Smartcare’s Invoicing

Smartcare’s sophisticated, customizable invoicing system has intelligence built-in.  User-driven process for quick and accurate accounting information, creating, sending invoices, and tracking payments in one system.  The advanced functionality of the system supports multiple rates, rules, and payers for both private and public 3rd party payers (i.e. Medicaid and the VA).

Payroll with Smartcare Software

The payroll system manages employee hours, wages, reimbursable mileage and expenses, rules, alerts, and calculates payroll.  Using a third-party payroll provider is easy with system integration to third-party payroll and accounting systems.

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