Care Recipients and Family Members

You Want to Make Sure Your Loved One Has the Best Care!

A father and mother sitting on either side of their son and daughter wearing denim jackets

How clients benefit

When caregivers are spending more time with their clients they are able to optimize and plan the best strategy for delivering the highest level of care. As well as being able to connect on a more personal level with their clients allowing the care experience to be better than ever.

Benefiting client’s families

If your family member has a preference on who they want as a caregiver you can specify that within the client profile. Families have the ability to designate and divide who is going to pay for their loved one’s home care experience.

Keep loved ones close

Recently there has been more and more data showing the shift in preference of the elderly when it comes to nursing home versus home care. Find a home care agency that is utilizing the latest technology to deliver high-quality care and keep your loved ones closer to home.

SMARTcare Family Portal

Our Family Portal gives you real-time access to track day-to-day schedules and activities and provides insights into their care.   Family Portal uses mobile-friendly technology so you can get the information you need where ever you are, across town or across the country.  Equipped with advanced communication tools, integration with Alexa ® and Google Home ®, Family Portal provides on-demand updates and alerts, giving you everything you need to say engaged with the care of your loved one.  Keep tabs on their care, monitoring who was there, what care was delivered, review caregiver notes, message your care team and even manage your billing anywhere, from your smartphone, anytime 24/7.

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