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Smartcare Software - Mobile App

Best-in-Class Point-of-Care Mobile App

Enhance your care team’s engagement and have Smartcare at your fingertips. Give the care team and office staff access to the details they need anywhere, anytime, on any device. Real-time access to schedules, care plans, route details, time tracking, documentation, and more.

No Internet? No Problem!

Smartcare’s mobile application works in offline mode when internet is spotty or not available.

A Higher Level of Engagement

Smartcare is designed for those on the go. With the mobile app, caregivers have access to all the details needed to perform their care at their fingertips. The app is also proven to increase caregiver engagement and job satisfaction.

Smartcare understands that your job and your teams aren’t always in the office behind a desk. That’s why the Smartcare mobile app is tailored for each user experience — from caregivers to schedulers, to staff and administrators. Giving each user the tools they need when they need them.

Delivering the Best Care

Using Smartcare’s mobile app, caregivers spend 64% less time on administrative tasks and completing paper or telephone logging of care.  Less time on administrative tasks leaves more time for providing better care and higher outcomes.

Available today on Apple App Store and Google Play

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With the Smartcare Mobile App, your team can:

Review Schedule
Review Schedule
Clock in/out
Clock in/out
Secure Message
Secure Message
Review Care Plans
Review Care Plans
And Much More!
  • View & Modify Schedules
  • Clock In/Out with One Touch
  • Verify with EVV with GPS
  • See & Accept Open Shifts
  • Cover and reschedule AWOL shifts
  • Send & accept open shift requests
  • Document & review ADLs & Care Plans
  • Secure Message & Chat (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Track inter-visit travel times, breaks
  • Get driving directions with maps
  • Document & Record Notes, Mileage & Expenses
  • Work with or without internet access using offline mode

“Smartcare creates an environment where the caregivers can spend more time with the client, less time on the road, and more time with their families. They’re not writing things down, there’s no paper, and they can upload files. Caregivers can access the information they need right out of the Smartcare application.”

— Durrand A., Ashford Home Care

Smartcare's integrated Caregiver Rewards

“Our caregivers love the Smartcare app because it makes it easier for them to do their tasks. And since there are no glitches, it gives them more quality time to spend with their clients.”

— Randy Rhames, Qwestcare Home Health

Accurate GPS for documenting, Invoicing, Payroll, and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) & Electronic Visit Documentation (EVD)

No need to use your client’s landlines for EVV.  The Smartcare app uses your smartphone’s built-in device GPS location ID to accurately identify staff locations for simplified routing, clock in/out, time, and attendance documentation.

  • Electronic Visit Verification for meeting payer requirements
  • Configurable location restriction with GPS geofencing
  • Exact time tracking
  • Real-time staff tracking

State-by-State Resources on Electron Visit Verification (EVV)  Smartcare is tracking the progress of EVV across the nation.  Find out more about where your state is in rolling out the 21st Century Cures Act for EVV Mandate.

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