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Growing Your Business

By utilizing SMARTcare you will be able to see an increase in productivity, efficiency, and caregiver satisfaction all of these things are key performance indicators that you can leverage when trying to market yourself to potential clients as well as potential caregivers. When you are trying to bring on new clients it creates a feeling of trust when you have numbers and evidence to back up what you are telling them about the quality of care that you can provide. This kind of information is also valuable when looking to bring on more caregivers, people like to work for good companies so if you can show and prove that you are a good company it will increase your appeal to potential caregivers.

SMARTcare Sales Benefits

Attract and win more customers with SMARTcare.  SMARTcare offers an advanced solution to help your agency grow its business.  Track lead sources, convert more referrals to clients and gain insights on your revenue streams.  SMARTcare helps you effectively manage the sales process, with a customized, milestone-centric model.


Our specialized tools will assist you in attracting more referrals, working effectively with those referral sources and understanding exactly where your business is coming from.  See insights and metrics that report the ROI for your marketing activities in real-time.  Use powerful sales and marketing tools and reporting to differentiate your agency from the competition.

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