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Smartcare for Home Care

Transform your business with Smartcare Software’s complete home care platform.

Your All-in-One Home Care Platform

  • Streamline operations from marketing to invoicing
  • Hire faster and retain caregivers
  • Increase client and family satisfaction

Smartcare Software is the complete, cloud-based application the home care industry has been asking for. From simplifying back-office and scheduling tools to providing top-notch client care, everything you need to seamlessly run your business is included within Smartcare.

By leveraging the latest research in machine learning (ML), gamification, and advanced automation, Smartcare is solving the critical challenges of the home care industry. Using rapid technology innovation, Smartcare produces better patient outcomes and drives higher profitability, while providing a superior user and client experience.

“The schedule is so easy to navigate. And the auto-scheduler? Fantastic! You just put it in the scheduling rules and forget it.”
All About You

Scheduling Made Simple

Smartcare Software offers a simple scheduling process from one common dashboard instead of each profile. Advanced tools make it easy to manage scheduling, time off requests, PTO, and more. Matching criteria is customizable and includes matching based on communication styles. Smartcare’s dynamic scheduling system also includes advanced tagging to improve sorting, billing, and payroll.

Caregiver Rewards

Engage & Retain Caregivers

Smartcare includes home care’s first completely embedded caregiver engagement system. Caregiver Rewards is a fully customizable rewards program offering automatic triggers for incentive points, rewarding positive behavior, and increasing caregiver longevity.

Providers can use rewards of any type, value, or size. The program includes connections for caregiver rewards to improve hiring percentages, reporting, and tracking capabilities, live dashboards to track reward usage and top performers, and much more.

Real-Time KPI Dashboard

Forget stacks of reports that are out-of-date in minutes. Smartcare’s real-time KPIs are the secret sauce you need to understand your agency’s performance and make adjustments to achieve your goals. Smartcare auto generates the most important KPIs in charts, graphs, and other formats. Restriction on access to KPI information is simple, and the dashboard changes by date range to show overall progress in time. 

“It wouldn’t have been possible to grow as fast as we’ve grown without the technology provided by Smartcare.”
Durrand A.
Ashford Home Care
improve caregiver retention

Hire More Caregivers, More Quickly

There’s no need to invest in expensive hiring software. Smartcare includes a custom applicant tracking system with drag-and-drop dashboards to help move candidates or clients quickly through the process. Each stage can have customizable templates assigned with auto-sending of communications to candidates or clients when an admin moves them to the next stage. 

Best-in-Class Point-of-Care Mobile Application + Mobile for All

Give your staff access to the details they need anywhere, anytime, on any device. Using Smartcare’s best-in-class point-of-care app, caregivers spend 64% less time on administrative tasks. Less time on administrative tasks leaves more time for providing better care and produces better patient outcomes.

Smartcare tailors its mobile app for each user’s experience — from schedulers to administrators. Smartcare Software gives each user the tools they need to work from anywhere, even when the internet is spotty or unavailable.

“Smartcare has increased my efficiency by at least 40%, if not higher.”
Durrand A.
Ashford Home Care

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