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Information Technologists

Secure Cloud-based, HIPAA Compliant, Integrated and Interoperable home care platform, so you don’t need to worry about your IT.

Focus on Taking Care of Your Patients and Caregivers

Home care and home healthcare face many challenges; IT shouldn’t be one of them. Caregiver shortages, funding limitations, large geographic distances, rural patients, caregiver workforce distribution, and disconnected systems are just some of the challenges to providing care.

Using Smartcare, agencies are leveraging operational, financial, clinical, and business development data insights to drive improvements. Smartcare makes it easy to capture and utilize data insights to make better business decisions. Our comprehensive home care and business automation system drives best practices and better decisions.  Using machine learning, Smartcare agencies are making clear, precise decisions that improve the business and lead to better outcomes. At Smartcare, we take care of the IT heavy lifting for your agency so you can take care of your clients and patients.

Smartcare Does the Heavy Lifting for Your IT Team

Smartcare uses technology to solve top challenges. A comprehensive end-to-end business automation solution for home healthcare, Smartcare uses technology to organize, optimize, and drive best practices.  The system fully supports the business requirements of providing healthcare within the home while saving time and improving profitability and patient outcomes.

Smartcare is a cloud-based system built from scratch inside an agency. It’s designed around the workflow of an agency, its back-office staff, and the caregiver team. Our IT team does the work to get you started, makes updates needed to keep your data safe and secure, and keeps you running with 99.9999% up-time so you can focus on your business – taking care of clients and patients.

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