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SMARTcare’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset

Helping Home Care Providers Monitor, Manage Exposure Risk, and Improve Safety

SMARTcare Software’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset Helps Home Care Providers Prepare and Respond to Outbreak

To support home care providers across the United States as they respond to the rapidly increasing COVID-19 outbreak, SMARTcare has enabled a full suite of functionality specifically designed for coronavirus COVID-19 response to help home care staff, caregivers, seniors, and their families improve safety.

SMARTcare’s COVID19 Surveillance Toolset

SMARTcare’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset can easily be enabled with a “one click” turning on a full COVID-19 surveillance toolset for home care providers. The toolset enables functionality to monitor, manage exposure risk, and improve safety across the SMARTcare Platform including safety checks right at the SMARTcare app level for caregivers.

Stay informed to the activity across your field staff and caregivers with real-time automated alerting directly to agency management. Continual monitoring at the SMARTcare dashboard with current and historical analytic insights.

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SMARTcare’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset

  • COVID-19 Safety checks right at the SMARTcare App level
  • Caregivers shifts health verifications requirements
  • Automated reminders and specific protocol notifications
  • Automated agency leadership alerts if clients or caregivers indicate positive symptom
  • Flagging clients or caregivers who required self-isolation
  • HIPAA compliant App messaging to engage caregivers, clients and their families with regular updates.

Want to learn more about how SMARTcare’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset can improve safety, We’re here to help.

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