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Help Your Caregivers Retain More Information From Training

Published on January 8, 2020 by Scott Zielski

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A Relaxed Mind is a mind able to retain more information

A research study published by researchers from Ball State University showed that those who practice mindfulness and meditation before a verbal learning session retain more information.

This shows that if you calm your mind before going into a seminar or training, you are more likely to remember what you were taught during that session.

If you are experiencing issues with having to repeat things that were already mentioned in the training, you might need to consider implementing these training ideas with your staff.

A Relaxed Mind is a mind able to retain more information

Improve Your Training in 10 minutes or less with these 5 steps

The following 5 steps layout how to calm your mind and body to better prepare yourself for the training or seminar that you are about to enter. These steps do not take very long and do not require anything aside from you and your own thoughts.

1. Interrupt Your Own Impulsiveness

Stop and heighten your awareness of your body and your senses. Your thoughts tend to run wild, but your body lives only in the current moment, so align the two in the present moment.

2. Take 60 seconds to focus on your body

Go for a leisurely walk and focus on how your body moves, what it feels like with each step, and how your muscles move. Take long deep breathes with smooth inhales and exhales.

3. Breathe deeply and fully

Allow your lungs to fill entirely with air, and feel them expand and release. Deep breathing not only increases the production of dopamine and serotonin, it also strengthens your attention.

4. Return to your Normal Rhythm

Exhale and return to your normal rhythm but be aware of how you feel (“I am calm now”).

5. Don’t try to stop your thoughts. Just be a bystander!

You will never be able to stop or fully control your thoughts; rather than trying to intervene, you should step back and just let your thoughts be.

The End Results

These may all seem a little strange and obscure, but the research shows that following these steps with your team can increase the amount of information retained.

This will benefit you and your business because when your caregivers and employees are spending less time coming to you or other employees asking questions that were covered in the training, everything becomes more efficient.


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