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NEWS: Register your home care agency now to receive benefits for encouraging COVID shots

Published on August 11, 2021 by Sharon Morrisette

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As part of the effort to get underserved communities vaccinated for COVID-19, the National
Minority Health Association (NMHA) won an $11.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to train and deploy a community-based workforce.

As trusted voices in their community, home care workers are in a great position to share information about the COVID-19 vaccine. If your agency has locations in NMHA states of focus: California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia, NMHA wants to hear from you. Want to receive your share of these funds?

Register now to be prepared for the official launch date on August 16: https://www.thenmha.org/agency-registration.


When one of your clients uploads proof of a vaccine shot to the official website, they receive a $25 gift card; the nurse or caregiver who connects them with a local vaccination station receives a $25 gift card, and that person’s employer is awarded a $25 gift card. (If unvaccinated caregivers get a shot themselves, they can collect both the $25 award for receiving the shot and the $25 award for recommending the shot.)

Remember, your agency will be rewarded for every shot your caregivers encourage. So, if you get serious about sending your staff out as what the Biden Administration calls “Trusted Messengers,” the rewards can really add up – especially if you have a census of 300, 800, or 2,000!

Side benefit

Does your agency have staffing issues? Don’t forget to promote your participation in this program in your recruiting ads!