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Press Release – Smartcare Software Continues to Lead Home Care Industry Caregiver Engagement and Retention

Published on May 17, 2021 by Jarica Steinke

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Leading the home care industry’s efforts in engagement and caregiver retention, Smartcare uses innovation and a multifaceted approach to provide home care agencies with solutions for retaining caregivers.

Eau Claire, WI, May 12, 2021 – Smartcare Software, Inc., provider of an industry-leading platform that delivers highly configurable solutions to home care providers worldwide, announced today the addition of an advanced suite of tools designed to help home care agencies engage and retain caregivers. 

“Smartcare is solving home care’s biggest issues, paving a path for the future of home care with unique industry-leading innovation,” said Scott Zielski, CEO of Smartcare Software. “Our customers are achieving some of the highest caregiver retention rates in home care by using the industry’s only multifaceted approach to engaging and retaining caregivers through embedded software tools that focus on the caregiver’s success.”

Matching the right caregiver to the right patient strengthens the bond between them and increases caregiver retention rates. Smartcare uses machine learning (ML) and unique matching algorithms to assist home care providers in identifying better matches between caregivers and patients.

Home care providers can tailor their matching solution to local market criteria, further cementing the caregiver-to-patient bond to drive even more robust caregiver retention rates.

User-specific mobile point-of-care apps give each caregiver a unique, easy-to-use connection to the agency, patient, and family. This shifts the management burden from the caregiver to technology, allowing caregivers to spend more time focused on the patient.

Smartcare tailors its apps for each user’s experience, which means caregivers, schedulers, staff, and administrators all have everything they need to deliver the best care and patient outcomes.

Embedded loyalty tools gamify caregiver engagement to make the job more than a paycheck. Smartcare’s new Caregiver Rewards system keeps caregivers connected and motivated by allowing agencies to offer rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, like clocking in on time and picking up extra shifts.

Using best-in-class workflows throughout Smartcare’s platform and mobile point-of-care solutions ensures quality care and makes technology part of the solution. Caregivers can focus on patient care while using technology to simplify care management and task recording. This leads to caregivers that are better engaged and connected to the agency while improving overall patient outcomes.

Smartcare’s top-rated mobile point-of-care apps and industry-leading innovation achieve the highest engagement experience levels in the market. Using Smartcare, home care providers ranging from independent agency start-ups to multi-site franchises have unlocked the solution to caregiver engagement and retention while solving a wide range of operational challenges.

For more information about Smartcare Software visit: smartcaresoftware.com

About Smartcare Software, Inc.

Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Smartcare Software is a complete SaaS business automation and point of care platform for home care and healthcare providers. The system is a fully integrated caregiver, financial, and business intelligence solution that provides tools to help build and track new clients, manage homecare operations, and ensure compliance and care quality for home care providers, caregivers, and agency leadership.

Smartcare solutions drive the best practices in care while increasing the engagement of caregivers, patients, patient family members, leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction.