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Five Smart Ways To Grow Your Home Care Business, Even During Challenging Times

Published on November 17, 2022 by Sharon Morrisette

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From the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act to numerous operational changes prompted by the pandemic, the last few years have certainly been transformational for home-based care providers. 

Alongside the many opportunities, this has presented for significant growth, change, and innovation, home care businesses have also had to navigate their fair share of challenges – including the impending post-pandemic recession.

During these times of uncertainty, many home care providers may opt to cut costs, reduce expenses, and wait for the storm to pass. However, there are ways to manage operations cost-effectively while simultaneously achieving business growth.

With a proactive mindset, it is possible to remain resilient to outside variables, take calculated risks, and continue to build and strengthen your business.

Here we look at five smart ways home care providers can continue to grow their business even during challenging times.

1. Introduce data utilization

To be proactive – rather than reactive – during challenging times means continually assessing the health of your home care business and carrying out regular check-ups. 

As a result, smart home care providers are introducing data utilization more than ever. They know that automating data collection and securely storing it is vital for monitoring their day-to-day operations and identifying development opportunities. 

Easy access to up-to-date, accurate information puts business leaders in a strong position to make the data-driven strategic decisions necessary to navigate any challenge and guarantee business growth and success. 

A centralized system, like Smartcare Software, is ideal for this purpose. It captures the data from your entire organization and provides a complete and accurate picture of your home care business on one comprehensive dashboard. 

These real-time insights and analytics help leverage data to bolster operations, which means you can act quickly to avert disasters, find strategic initiatives, mitigate losses, and keep your business running smoothly – even in choppy waters!

Tip: Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of metrics. Stay focused on the data that matters most to your home care business stability, growth, and success. 

2. Meet the needs of your employees to increase retention

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Retaining staff is vital for home care providers as they navigate challenging times. Not only is it more cost-effective to retain current employees, it’s also essential for delivering consistent, high-quality care and ensuring client/patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Constantly changing staff can restrict the growth of your home care business. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to create an effective retention strategy that meets the needs of your current caregivers and office staff and ensures they’ll stay with you for the long term.

Look at your company’s employee experience and find ways to enhance engagement, motivation, satisfaction, and retention. For example:

Tip: Using the right technologies, like Smartcare Software retention tools, can make employee retention substantially more effective and efficient, giving you more time and resources to focus on building and growing your business.

3. Take care of your current clients/patients and families

Regardless of any internal struggles, your home care business may face during uncertain times, it’s essential to continue delivering a robust, flawless client/patient experience. 

Having a solid client/patient engagement strategy will facilitate this and offers a range of additional benefits that contribute to keeping your home care business healthy and actively expanding, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced business reputation
  • Improved client/patient and family satisfaction
  • Generation of more all-important client referrals 
  • Increased attraction and retention of clients/patients
  • Opportunities to upsell additional care services
  • Improved caregiver experience, satisfaction, and retention
  • Improved outcomes.

The long-term success of any business is largely determined by how well it commits to customer engagement and satisfaction. Home care providers can accelerate growth pretty quickly just off of a strong reputation in these areas.

For innovative and affordable ways to increase client/patient and family engagement and raise satisfaction scores, you can read our recent blog in which we outline seven steps here.

Tip: Investing in improving your client’s experience is an investment in improving and growing your home care business. Happy clients and families are basically very good for business!

4. Increase your client base and expand basic services 

Cultivating an understanding of clients' needs - Smartcare Software

Home care providers actively prioritizing client/patient engagement and retaining their caregivers are already well positioned to attract new clients for minimum cost, especially if they have referral programs in place.

You can also start promoting your home care business and improving your lead generation using some of these cost-effective marketing solutions.

Taking advantage of new revenue streams, including specialized services, can also provide significant growth opportunities and help attract new clients. This can be achieved in several ways, for example: 

  • Training and/or upskilling your existing caregivers.
  • Teaming up with another provider who offers complimentary services.
  • Diversification acquisition.

By looking at the home care services and areas of specialty your business currently provides, you’ll be able to identify natural areas where you could expand, for example, Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Do you already have the resources needed to diversify? Is a merger or acquisition a good option for your business at this time? 

Tip: A complete digital home care platform gives you access to powerful CRM and sales/marketing tools to access everything you need from one platform – saving time and money, attracting more clients, building strong referral partnerships, and gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of different channels. If you aren’t already tracking how your home care business finds new clients, now is the time to start.

5. Utilize home care software technology 


Investing in things that can help your home care business make money more efficiently is vital to its growth and success – and this includes home care software

There are many ways that home care software technology can help streamline business workflows and efficiencies, creating the time and space you need to focus on strategic planning, development, and growth. It can also help to give you a competitive edge, retain your caregivers, deliver consistent, high-quality client/patient satisfaction, and save your business money in the long term.

Tip: Whether upgrading your current software or investing in a completely new system, you should look for tech tools that will scale to support your growing operations. An all-in-one solution like Smartcare Software keeps your business processes in one place, allowing you to scale efficiently.

While the current economic climate and stiff competition can leave home care providers facing multiple challenges and uncertainties, there are still plenty of opportunities to build business resilience, growth, and success. 

Leaders willing to embrace innovation, make creative, strategic enhancements, invest in their teams, and utilize the right software tools will always find ways to thrive, even during challenging times.

How can Smartcare Software help?

At Smartcare Software, we go above and beyond providing cutting-edge technology and support for your home care business. We understand your challenges and are here to work with you to develop your go-to-market strategy, track your progress, provide feedback and support, take your business to the next level, and celebrate your successes. Call us today or request a free demo to find out more.