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SMARTcare Enables Fully Integrated Background Checking

SMARTcare has released it’s latest enhancements to our SMART HR modules for screening home care employees, saving you more time and money managing your care team.  As part of these enhancements, we at SMARTcare have teamed up with one of home care’s industry leaders to simplify the background checking process with a fully integrated background checking system, making the hiring and recertification process easier for your agency.

SMARTcare’s background checking is now fully interoperable within the SMARTcare system with advanced technology, accuracy and industry’s fastest turnaround. No more switching systems to screen your employees or retrieve background check records when needed, now it can all be done in SMARTcare! This optimizes the screening process and eliminates duplication data entry with just a few clicks, all at the industry’s most competitive cost.  Contact us today and learn more about quickly and easily doing your background checks through SMARTcare.

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