SMARTcare Software Awarded Top 10 Best Home Care Software Solution Provider for 2020

Healthcare’s leading technology knowledge network and innovation source Healthcare Tech Outlook voted SMARTcare Software into the top 10 of Home Healthcare Solution Providers for 2020 for SMARTcare’s pioneering advancements with caregiver retention as part of SMARTcare’s complete digital home care automation platform.

Eau Claire, WI,  February 27, 2020 – SMARTcare Software, inc., a home healthcare innovator trusted by providers worldwide, announced that they have received the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s award for Top 10 Best Home Healthcare Software Solutions Providers for 2020.

SMARTcare was founded to ensure that our parent’s and grandparents’ age with dignity with lifecare and healthcare that meet their needs, provides comfort, convenience and the best experience possible.  This award recognizes the pioneering efforts SMARTcare has done in the area of advancement for home care software with its industry-leading platform that delivers a highly configurable solution to home care providers. The SMARTcare platform leverages the latest digital technology including AI, social, automation and interoperability to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving providers time, lowering cost, improving overall care and delivering unmatched user experience.

“We are absolutely delighted to announce that SMARTcare has been recognized as one of the best in-home care solutions and are receiving validation for the dedicated work our teams have been doing to advance home care software putting the caregiver and client/patient first,” said Scott Zielski, President, CEO of SMARTcare Software. “Healthcare Tech Outlook is an industry-leading reference and a phenomenal endorsement of our platform. We are really proud of this achievement, which demonstrates our innovative and pioneering approach to modern-day requirements in home-based care.”

First and foremost, SMARTcare software has been developed by caregivers for caregivers and is based on an in-depth understanding of foundational workflow best practices. SMARTcare is the industry’s only enhanced engagement platform for caregivers, patients, and their family members, which it delivers through mobile applications that enrich the caregiver, patient, and family experience. The unique principle revolves around convenience and excellence for all involved, optimally meeting needs, and enabling those receiving care at home to have the best experience possible. Most important of all, our principles drive our belief that the relationship between caregivers and care receivers is imperative for positive user experience and is the fundamental basis for home care provider success. 

Staff turnover in the homecare industry is at an all-time high. This has become undoubtedly the number one challenge plaguing homecare agencies in the US. Retaining and recruiting experienced staff continues to be the most significant hurdle homecare providers face. 

SMARTcare has turned home healthcare software on its head. Because it’s not about the software. At SMARTcare it is about the human connection that matters most for home care. The SMARTcare Software platform has been developed with a deep understanding of this challenge and providing innovative solutions to the home care market with staff is a vital component of an agency’s success.  SMARTcare is a complete home care platform with just the right amount of everything to help home care agencies and providers succeed. 

“At SMARTcare we recognize that homecare providers need more than a means to deliver optimal organizational efficiencies. Our platform has been designed to elevate patient/caregiver engagement and satisfaction,” said Zielski.  “It is universally accepted that frequent changes in care providers undermine patient and family confidence in the quality of care and creates service disruptions. Successful agency growth in the home healthcare market is dependent on high-quality service and consistent staffing.”

Offering a complete SaaS business solution for home healthcare providers, the SMARTcare platform drives best practices in care but also addresses the issues impacting staff retention. SMARTcare solutions drive the best practices in care and increase the engagement of caregivers, their patients and the patient’s family members leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. 

SMARTcare Software recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Home Healthcare Provider for 2020. This is the second industry award for SMARTcare software in 2020.

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About SMARTcare Software, inc.

Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, SMARTcare Software was founded by former healthcare technology and home care professionals.  SMARTcare Software is a complete SaaS business automation and point of care platform for home care and healthcare providers. SMARTcare solutions drive the best practices in care and increase the engagement of caregivers, their patients and the patient’s family members leading to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. SMARTcare uses connected technologies that enable home care providers to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving time and improving outcomes. SMARTcare manages the entire home continuum of care, organizing care provider operations, gathering insights from home care data, delivering predictive analytics to reduce re-admissions and improve patient/client outcomes. 

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